Kaminski: Everything Jews have, they STOLE from others – My Comments: Whites & Jews – Symbiotic Relationships


In an email another lady wrote this about the Jews:Their entire existence is based on theft.

Then John Kaminski said this to myself and others:
The Jews have never possessed anything that they didn’t steal from someone else.

Then I wrote this:
Well said.

They’re a type of high level parasite that live off us. But we have some kind of weakness, which I think is economic, which is why we let them back in. But they might themselves also be creating that weakness through selectively working against whites. Until we can sever this symbiotic relationship totally, we’ll never be free of them. I think though, they are much more dependent on us than we are on them. So for them, expulsion=DEATH – literally. They will always claw their way back to us. I think only Hitler had a system, NS, that makes whites totally free from Jews. Ergo, the hatred for it.

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