John Kerry from a Jewish Family – My Boer Nazi pal’s comments on Kerry – General Von Manstein

[Personally, I hate and detest John Kerry. I regard him as a piece of shit. I remember looking into his record in Vietnam and he lied a lot about that. I can’t remember the details, but I know Vietnam Vets regarded him as a lying piece of shit.

His family seems to definitely be Jewish.
I did more digging and I found this about Kerry and his Jewish roots:
I also found the Jews writing this about Kerry, that he is a staunch supporter of Israel but a harsh critic of its policies:
Below are the views of my excellent Boer NAZI pal in SA, whose been in the Right Wing game for several decades.
He however makes the comments below about Kerry.
I think in a nutshell, that I am more radical than my pal. And in these things one has differing views. But his comments are always thoughtful and below is what he sent me.
PS: My own browsing of the Kerry stuff is that there are many convenient lies … oh … it was only in 2004 that he discovered his Jewish roots … he loves Israel but hates its policies… I never trust these Jewish angles. However, I think one point my Boer NAZI pal makes, which even I can’t find fault with, is that Kerry did negotiate something decent with Iran that Israel did not like. So perhaps, there is one big good thing that Kerry did.

My Boer NAZI pal has a deep and seething hatred of Trump. He regards him as a Winston Churchill, a sellout to the white right and white nationalists. He has a deep hatred of Trump in this score. So on these two political issues the two of us bang heads, but I respect his views and we don’t sit and argue. Jan]

My Boer NAZI pal wrote:


This Jew Kerry did a great job by making a great deal with Iran along with Putin. Far better than Trump, Netanyahu and the so-called “Altright” who wanted a war against Iran. I supported Kerry all the way. He did an amazing job. At least he is against the Zionism of Trump and Israel. Like that great German general von Manstein of Nazi Germany who was a Jewish child adopted by Christian Germans and brought up as a Christian German. Nothing to do with so called flesh and blood. Look at Brother Nathaniel, previous Jew and now converted who outclassed millions of Whites in his brave fight for the Whites against Zionism.


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