Joe Biden’s Military strikes in Syria/Iraq – Is it WW3? – WE ARE RULED BY FOOLS, IDIOTS & LIARS

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[One of my American supporters sent me an email asking about Biden's strike in the middle east and whether it means WW3? Below is my reply. Jan]

I wrote:
I’m curious that they seem to be using drones against US troops – I assume small ones. But this is small scale stuff. It seems the enemy was managing to harm or kill a few US troops.

Don’t worry about WW3 and don’t worry about these tiny things. These are small scale things as the USA tries to wind down the middle east – but Iran is still a firm player there and they’re doing small scale things. The USA is stuck with some of the nonsense that started as a result of their idiotic moves after 911 … so now the USA itself is partly locked in these idiotic wars for Israel even though it’s trying to get out. It can’t really get out fully.

There is virtually zero chance of any large war breaking out. The world is getting ever more pathetic by the day. We are living in a very soft Liberal Jewish world, where, if you fart, that is already reason to lose their minds.

I chuckled at your description of the "f*cking blood sucking Jews". These greedy scum who use and abuse the Western World, especially the USA. It makes me sick.

The world is very much what the Jews and other scum want it to be. Let me tell you nobody in any way in any position of power is going to break this world. They LOVE this crazy nutty, insane non-White world – the fools.

We are living in a terrible peace where our enemies are in charge, and we have to grovel like dogs before all sorts of scum. I find it very annoying.

But don’t worry about new wars. Even a total asshole like Biden, has clearly been told, in no uncertain terms, that the military needed something done. In certain respects the US Presidents are just idiots who mostly rubber stamp whatever they are told.

Biden has no brains, and definitely no loyalty to the USA, but the military and intelligence people have the ability to show him incontrovertible evidence and to give him options which he must rubber stamp.

The world is ruled by fools I must tell you. I don’t think, in the history of the Western world, that we’ve had such morons ruling us as now. True fools.

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