[Here's a really quick piece of info. I've not dug into it in detail, but I suggest others do. Let me try to explain it in a quick nutshell. The "GOOD JEW" UNZ … published one of those long Jewish diatribes, blah blah blah about the real reason for the 911 Truth Movement failing.

Then someone whom I know was spreading this, and I pointed out to the lady that I don't trust any Jew including the "Good Jews". Anyhow the "conclusion" of this lady was that the 911 Truth Movement failed BECAUSE NOBODY NAMED THE JEWS. Cool. That makes sense.
There was also mention of another good Jew, Sabrosky. So I also raised the issue that here is another JEW. And I don't trust any of them.


div>Upon closer questioning the lady then told me that the guy in charge of the 911 Truth Movement was … a JEW!!! Richard Gage. So this is all new to me, and I was unaware of it. Below is some of the discussion between myself and this lady. I know nothing about the Jew Richard Gage, but I have asked her for more info. If 911 Truth was run by a Jew then that explains everything. It was doomed from the start. And so along comes the Good Jew Unz at the end of it and white washes it over while ignoring all the Jewish elephants in the room. Jan]

She wrote in answer to my questions:-

Most of the articles in (((Unz))) are long, but this one is not, by Alan ‘jew’ Sabrosky. He was early on in the "truth" movement. Nothing new if you have heard him before.

I reposted it because of the question. The retirement of 911 A & E Truther, Richard Gage, is mentioned. Until recently, I did not know he was a jew, so all this time (20 years) he was just a gatekeeper, never venturing to say who did it.

Richard Gage was said to be an architect. I wondered why an architect would head the movement, but I was glad someone did. Architects are not engineers. Jim Fetzer outed him as a jew.

I responded to the lady as follows:-
Thanks for explaining. Your explanation makes much more sense. So the head of the Truth Movement was a JEW. Jews love getting to the top of power. That’s how they stuff up so many things and Whites never even realise it. If you have something where Gage is outed as a Jew, please send it.

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