Jews have truly made America mad… the country will eventually collapse into war…


I must tell you, as I observe things and as I speak to Americans, that it’s really beyond insanity the levels to which Jews have turned America on it’s head. They have clearly got a LOT of traitors working for them, but they also have the means to confuse Whites and others with their BS.

I marvel at how much crap these people come up with and the levels and extent that it spreads.

I still am AMAZED that NATIONALISM and PATRIOTISM are literally CRIMES in the USA.

It makes no sense at all. Yet that is where Jews have brought people.

Any leader, in any sector of national life, has to be a traitor, or corrupt or a fool, or a Jew. You can’t find anyone with any real brains, much less morals, values, etc … who rises to a position of power.

It’s really crazy. These evil bags of shit must be driving any sane White American up the wall.

But all this nation-destroying shit is clearly taking it’s toll on people and you can see how more and more people are resigning from their jobs, including military pilots and how more Whites from all kinds of professions are just becoming whistle-blowers.

There are more and more Whites losing their shit.

There is no doubt that this will eventually tear the country apart. True enemies like China and Russia will be waiting for their opportunities to take advantage of that.


The more Whites who quit the system, and the more Jews and Blacks and others replace them … the more people, OF QUALITY, we will have on our side.

Whites in America and elsewhere are heading down the South African path until Whites are driven out of almost EVERYTHING.

But don’t worry … we, the White peasants, can get EVERYTHING back.

There is no doubt in my mind about that. QUALITY is something that always has value.

Let the Jews and Blacks take over everything that is "official" … We can, and will still beat them.

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