Jews have to lie for their own survival… there’s no lie they won’t tell

I must tell you, as I observe Jews and all the junk they get up to, that Whites and Jews are involved in a real struggle. Whites are not taking this struggle seriously at all. In fact, most Whites don’t even know what it’s about.

But the Jews are very deadly serious about it and for them it’s a massive issue.

The Jews also, as per that post that I referred to on StormFront in one of my videos about the Portguese – as per that Stormfront article, the Jews want diversity because that is to open the doors for them.

In fact the more I look at Jews, the more I see them as aggressive parasites who want to remain in Western civilisation. And as per David Duke’s points, the JEWS OPEN THE GATES TO THE CITY. The Jews are constantly dividing Whites and opening the gates for the enemies of Whites.

They do this like crazy.

Their real goal is to remain inside Western Civilisation in order to STEAL and CHEAT as much as possible. Whites are like a gold mine and the Jews need to be in on all the action. They can’t leave us alone. They need to parasite night and day.

This sick relationship between Whites and Jews has been going on for over 2000 years now.

This sick relationship must end – If Whites are to truly move forward.

For Jews, the ending of this relationship is akin to death.

So for them, this is very serious. But they are also a race of weak spoilt brats, and everyone listens to them.

Whites as a race need to learn one word: ‘No" … and to stop listening to the spoilt brat children.

Our race are the only adults in the room.

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