Jews controlled the Soviet Union: 1931: Anti-Semitism is punished with EXECUTION!


Here is Stalin, who married a Jewess I think. In about 1931, he was asked how the Soviet Union handles anti-semitism. You can see his answer above. He says there is a DEATH PENALTY if you are anti-Jewish in the Soviet Union. THE DEATH PENALTY!!!!

To my knowledge this is the only time in history that you were EXECUTED for being anti-semitic. Yet, this Soviet Union was the ENEMY of the entire Western world including Apartheid South Africa, Rhodesia, the Portuguese, etc.

In the mid-1950’s Apartheid South Africa kicked the Soviet Union out of the country because they were busy stirring up the blacks here.

The Soviet Union was the ENEMY of all whites in southern Africa.

Yet, you will be amazed at how cozy the Jews were, with our ENEMIES!

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