JEWS CONTROL RUMBLE: Trump supported Rumble, Rumble went Big Time … and went PRO-JEW…

I was trying to login to Rumble, where I was posting a few videos. Not many people were watching them, but as part of my procedure, I just put videos wherever I can.

I saw that Rumble was going BIG … they are teaming up with another company. I forget which one. But I wondered at what point we would see the Jewish agenda kicking in.

Well, I discovered today when I tried to upload a video to Rumble that my account has been deactivated without explanation.

So there you have it. Jews have grabbed control of Rumble.

And Trump is also supporting Rumble.

I still think Trump made a bad move by not supporting Gab. But as Gab will discover, you’re on your own White man … if you tell the truth about JEWS…

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