Jews are lying about the White Right and Black violence: JEWISH ARMY ANTIFA MUST BE DESTROYED!!!

Quick note. From what I hear, Jews have already been lying in the mass media about the violence of the black morons/fools/tools … saying that the WHITE RIGHT is responsible for the violence.

ANTIFA need to be monitored. ANTIFA are, in my view a JEWISH TERRORIST organisation operating on US Soil. They need to be DESTROYED. DESTROYED. These pieces of shit, are the main force destroying whites.

I’ve even had whites in the USA, whom I met personally, tell me that antifa went and painted swastikas on their doors and another one had his wife doxxed and another woman working with him also doxxed.

ANTIFA is the main ground force of Jews. They need to be destroyed. If the US Police and internal security organs do not destroy them, then whites must. ANTIFA is the CRUX of the enemy at work in the USA and across the West. This is the JEWISH ARMY THAT MUST BE DEFEATED. Only then can our politics move forward. They are a TERRORIST ORGANISATION and they even break the law and get away with it.

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