Jews are corrupting and messing with all aspects of Science and Academic Work

I think that Jews are corrupting Universities and all of Science and true academic work more than people realise. In my own research, as I’m digging into various things, I find myself often keeping my eyes open in case I spot some Jew at work stuffing up Academic work at a University level. And I’m finding more and more of this. I hope we have Whites who are true Academics working in Science who would dig more into this, because I suspect Jews are doing tremendous harm to Western science.

I’m merely pointing to a couple of things I was digging in, where Jews are busy cocking up scientific work like crazy. Jews are propagandists and liars and they never miss an opportunity to misdirect Whites and to try to stuff up our progress or more importantly to send our progress in a direction that benefits the worthless Jew scum.

The first time I came across an Academic who wrote tons of shit, to a point where it drove LOTS of other White Academics crazy and they wrote an entire book to hit back at the shit he was publishing, was in Military History. This crazed Jew of course also used Military History so he could turn it endlessly against the Germans!

Today I was researching a topic on Political Science/Military when I listened to a White Academic talking about a book written by someone and how this book had lots and lots of errors. The author of that book was a guy called Pinker. I did some digging and found the book and then checked on the author and there it was, a Canadian Jew Academic. He’d written an entire book on Political Science and War Trends which was garbage.

I then thought I’d take a quick look at something I’d seen a White Academic on Occidental Dissent mentioning. He’d said that the Jewish scientist Stephen Gould was busy stuffing up his area of science re: Race. So I dug a bit and saw that indeed Gould has written a bunch of crap on Evolutionary Theory. He has angered other White Academics so much that Dawkins, who is the top Academic in evolution has written chapters and chapters in his own books refuting the garbage that comes from the Jew Gould.

But better still was a White Male Biologist named Trivers, who says openly that Gould’s work is academically dishonest!

I think people need to look much more closely at what Jews are doing in Universities. It’s not just this Jewish transgender, multi-gender crap. Jews are stuffing up SERIOUS ACADEMIC fields.

The running battles with the Jew Gould in Evolution have been going on for many years.

One of my supporters in the US is an academic in biology, and he told me that money is also used to destroy science and to pervert science. He said he’s seen it in his field.

Jews pervert everything they touch in Western Civilisation. People need to look at EVERYTHING they do. EVERYTHING.


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