Jews and Biden’s weirdos – If you have more of them…


[This is a very brief note. I can't believe the crap that is being promoted to the highest levels of office in the USA. I urge people to begin taking note of ANY NON-WHITE who is promoted to high levels in Government in the USA especially, but also anywhere – Canada, UK, Europe, etc. The whole thing is TOTAL MADNESS and rest assured JEWS are behind all of this garbage. Feel free to compile lists and send them to me. White Americans are being pushed out of everything in their own country. THIS IS THE ABSURDITY OF TURNING TO JEWISH CAPITALISM AND A GLOBAL TRADING MINDSET. The only answer to all of this is WHITE MASS REVOLUTION. I just about fell on my back when I saw a freaking Nigerian Black who holds high office in the USA. Jan]

I’ve just come across another weird biden appointment:

It’s fucking nuts.

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