JEWISH TERRORISM MUST BE STOPPED: Jewish Harrassment of Whites across the entire Western World

I was reading with fascination this article from Christians for Truth about Jewish harrassment of Australians:

However, in Australia, there seem to be some National Socialists, NAZIS, standing up to the Jews and reminding the Jews that: You might be watching us… BUT WE WHITE PEOPLE ARE WATCHING YOU!!!!!! And that message is freaking the Jews out and they’re now all scared.

But Jewish intimidation, censorship and terrorism is a serious problem in the Western world. The Jews have, for DECADES been engaging in Financial terrorism and the destruction of whites, financially in every Western country. For them to smash your financies, close your bank accounts and cause you to lose your job, your SOLE SOURCE OF INCOME is no problem. They do it and the scum sucking pig mass media laud them, as do most whites, and its DREADFUL.

These ADL types of organisations should be monitored closely by THE POLICE!!! And the courts should STOP ACCEPTING THEIR BOGUS CASES!!!

Another Jewish trick, which should be stopped is the bringing in of their fake Holocaust survivors into trials.

All this Jewish nonsense needs to be spat upon. Jews should actually be forced to PAY UP the financial damages they have caused to whites by having them lose their jobs and through the harassment, court costs and other damages they have suffered.

Jews are a race of crap. And they are forever filled with hatred and chips on their shoulders about whites, but I tell you, here in South Africa, for example, almost ALL THE JEWS, had a WONDERFUL TIME UNDER WHITE RULE. They have been abandoning the country UNDER BLACK RULE! The blacks don’t take their Jewish shit so easily as the Christ-loving whites did. Yet, these Jews are forever lying about whites and complaining about whites, BUT THE BEST DAYS OF THEIR WORTHLESS LIVES WERE SPENT UNDER WHITE RULE. And I am sure that this will be TRUE in Australia, the USA, etc.

Will multicultural diversity work for the Jews? I think not. But Jews have an INTENSE, IRRATIONAL hatred of whites descended from Europe. Their hatred and moaning and groaning knows no ends. Whites actually tolerate them far too much … to a level that is extremely sick. We have allowed these people to think they’re the Gods of the earth, and all whites have been over-tolerant of them to a level beyond that which they actually deserve.

I wish whites could chase Jews down in court and begin suing their asses off them for damages. I bet you they’ve scammed the white race out of TRILLIONS of dollars since WW2. Easily. They probably scammed Germany alone out of a Trillion or two.

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