Jewish Survival Strategy: Causing Chaos, Deflection … creating new trouble… with COVID and Fake Wars?

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This is a very important video that I put a tremendous amount of effort into. I wanted to summarize scientific and historic facts from 40,000 Years of the history of the European (White) race. This is the story of where we come from and how we came to be what we are, and why we are awesome. We look at thousands of years of the effort of our ancestors.

Just a note: The Jews are always busy with their "survival strategy". Years ago Tan Staafl raised the issue of Jews using a strategy of deflection. The thing you need to be aware of is that the Jews are aware that when there is a focus on them, that it only gets worse for them as the non-Jews wake up.

I suspect that this COVID garbage and all the other related panic nonsense and fake wars and all these other things could well be a way for Jews to start deflecting attention AWAY FROM THEM … so that they can go and hide behind the scenes. They have a proven record of creating chaos and even wars, and I think they will want to draw attention away from themselves, while sowing seeds of hatred and chaos among us, so that we end up killing each other … while the Jews sneak out of the back door.

These people have done these things many times in the past and they are well positioned to do this.

That’s also why I don’t think this COVID crap is going away.

The Jews do NOT want any kind of peace and sanity because they’ve seen how much attention is focused on their crimes, their lies and their nonsense.

So be aware, that we must NOT lose track of the Jews … in this chaos and nonsense. They are very likely the instigators, creators and "enhancers" of this chaos and madness and death SO THAT THE JEWS CAN WALK AWAY SAFELY.

They created WW2 for a similar reason when they saw that Hitler was on to them and that he could not be fooled.

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