Jewish Supremacy – We Must Dismantle It: Silence Is Not an Option

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We take a scientific look at Jews. I compare their behaviour to that of parasites that live on animals. I look at the behaviour of Whites and Jews in the same was that we would study the behaviour of animals, and we look at actual film footage.

[An American wrote this article below. Jan]

Thomas Dalton tells us why we must continue to be "mouthy" against Cultural Marxism and jewish Supremacism (Exterminationism). (Although I’ve concluded that Prof Jack is a "lost cause" as an authentic truthseeker/truthteller, I’ve cc’d him on this email in case I’m wrong. Also, please forward this to anyone else who might benefit from it who’s missing from my heavily pruned contact list.)
After making an airtight case about jewish Supremacism (Exterminationism), the last half of the article quoted below, tells us what to do:

"Once we have established the facts of Jewish supremacy, the next typical response is: “So what?” The reply to this is simple: Americans are virtual slaves to Jewish interests, and are allowing themselves to be brainwashed, degraded, and deceived in the process. Literally trillions of dollars are being diverted to Jews and their institutions, primarily from the pockets of hard-working Whites. And primarily White soldiers are fighting and dying in the American military, simply in order to make the world safe for Israel and Jews globally. The costs to society could scarcely be higher. Jewish supremacy must end, now.

Here, then, is my declaration:


Silence Is Not an Option

The present chaos among American cities, and throughout American society at large, is neither surprising nor unexpected. In fact, it was absolutely predictable and inevitable. In the history of humanity, there has never been a stable and successful multiracial, multicultural nation. In fact, such things were always the precursors of social decay, decline, and collapse. This was true for ancient Babylon, it was true for the Roman Empire, it was true for Austria-Hungary, it was true for the Soviet Union. And it will be true for America. Disease, economic upheaval, political corruption, social unrest, crime, moral decay — all these are inevitable in the present-day United States.

The current fuss over George Floyd is a smokescreen. Floyd was a petty criminal caught passing fake $20 bills; he was also apparently drunk or stoned, and was likely driving that way. Through an unfortunate series of events, he ended up dead, but there are far worse tragedies happening in this nation on a daily basis. And top of the list is Jewish supremacy — that unspoken scourge upon civilized humanity.

Virtually every major social, political, and economic problem faced by this nation is driven, at root, by Jewish supremacy — by the policies and dictates of wealthy and influential American Jews in government, media, commerce, and academia. Jews dominate or control every major American media corporation. They give 25% to 50% of all political donation funds, and hence are able to buy politicians; the Jewish Lobby, headed by AIPAC, dictates much of federal legislation, and has the power to destroy any politician who fails to bow down. And their wealth is astonishing; Jews constitute over half of the richest 50 Americans, and between a third and a half of the top 500. The 6 million American Jews own or control, in total, around $50 trillion. The facts of Jewish supremacy cannot be denied.

As such, Jews must assume primary responsibility for the many failings of American society — the economic exploitation of workers, the rampant drug abuse and addiction, the moral corruption of TV and cinema, the wanton manipulation and distortion of news media, the trillions of dollars spent on foreign wars for Jewish and Israeli benefit, and the large and growing presence of non-Whites in our nation. Such things are the poisonous fruit of the toxic seeds of Judaism that were planted on our shores over 400 years ago. We — White Americans — must tackle these many problems, but we also must embark upon the more complicated work of delivering justice to all those harmed by Jewish supremacy in America, especially in the past 100 years. Today, there is an urgent need to take concrete steps to dismantle Jewish supremacy in all its forms. To this end, I call for six actions:

First, educate: There is vast public ignorance on Jewish supremacy. Likewise, there is vast ignorance on the thousand-year history of Jewish malfeasance and misanthropy, of Jewish contempt and hatred for all non-Jews.iv The facts are undeniable; they need to be widely disseminated.

Second, identify: Prominent Jews often escape public notice because they are not obvious, and they are not outed. Religious (orthodox) Jews are relatively easy to spot, but the many secular Jews are not. Jews in media, government, business, and academia need to be called out; as the Black apologists like to exclaim, we must say their names. Jews, half-Jews, those with Jewish spouses or children must be named and outed. It is intolerable that they circulate largely unnoticed.

Third, isolate: We need to sanction and boycott all Jewish-dominated institutions. We must stop patronizing their corporations, their media, their technology, their universities. This action is consistent with the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction (BDS) policy against Israel; similar actions need to be taken against all Jewish-owned or -controlled entities. Simultaneously, we need to create and support local, White-owned and operated organizations.

Fourth, quota: Jewish overrepresentation in all fields must be circumscribed by specific quotas. At least initially, we must limit Jewish representation to their proportion of the US population; currently, the figure is around two percent. Thus, Jews must immediately be restricted to 2% of Congressmen, 2% of tech executives, 2% of Hollywood producers and directors, 2% of university instructors. And, most vitally, Jews must be restricted to just 2% of the total private wealth in the US; this will entail a massive confiscation and redistribution of Jewish wealth — much of it ill-gotten in the first place. This is only fair, and any claims to the contrary can only be deemed ‘racist.’

Fifth, penalize: American Jews must pay, literally, for their many crimes against humanity. As noted above, asset confiscation is a start. If American Jews own or control $50 trillion, but their ‘fair share’ is, say, $2 trillion, then we need immediate confiscation of some $48 trillion in Jewish assets.v Additionally, we need to reestablish the ancient idea of a “Jew tax,” something implemented by the Romans after the Jewish rebellion in Jerusalem in the year 70. Jewish income must be subject to a considerable tax — perhaps a flat rate of 50% on all incomes — in order to restrict their ability to regain wealth.

Sixth, evacuate: The ultimate goal, as many prominent thinkers have realized over the centuries, is to rid the nation of its Jews. The pernicious and endemic character of Jewish corruption can truly be solved in no other way. History has proven that wherever Jews accumulate in more than a fraction of a percent of a populace, they begin to exert a corrupting influence. They cannot be restrained, they cannot be civilized, they cannot be taught. This is a sad but eternal fact of the Jewish people. Therefore, any nation that hopes to prosper and thrive must banish them. Voluntarily or forcefully, slowly or quickly — out they must go. Away to Israel, to their native homeland.

Once Jewish supremacy and Jewish power have been destroyed in America, other problems — with Blacks, with Hispanics, with Asians — can begin to be addressed. Here too, we will need a process of education, of isolation, of penalty, and ultimately of repatriation. Multiracial America will cease being multiracial, or else it will cease to exist.

Unless and until White America is willing to collectively acknowledge its responsibility for its own well-being, and to acknowledge the fundamental role of Jewish supremacy in the many crises of our nation, our problems will never end. We must use this moment to turn the tide against the Jews, to reclaim our country, and to secure, for the first time in many decades, a vastly brighter future.

* * *

Thomas Dalton, PhD, is the author or editor of many books and articles pertaining to White interests, National Socialism, anti-Judaism, and Holocaust revisionism. Among these are his popular work Debating the Holocaust, and his new translation of Mein Kampf. For more details, see the listing of his books available at the Cosmotheist book store, and also see his personal Web site


i. See my book “The Jewish Hand in the World Wars” (2019).

ii. Including Lew Eisenberg, Sheldon Adelson, Mel Sembler, Ron Weiser, Steve Wynn, Elliot Broidy, Laurie Perlmutter, Gail Icahn, Avi Berkowitz, Michael Cohen, Gary Cohn, Reed Cordish, Boris Epshteyn, David Friedman, Jason Greenblatt, Larry Kudlow, Stephen Miller, Steven Mnuchin, David Shulkin, and Allen Weisselberg

iii. See, for example, Whitney Webb’s article “How the CIA, Mossad, and ‘the Epstein Network’ are Exploiting Mass Shootings” (here).

iv. See my book “Eternal Strangers” (2020).

v. We can only imagine the economic benefits that such a windfall would bring.

Unity Through Nobility

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