Jewish spies must be driven out ruthlessly from among White Groups…

[Someone I know well, wrote to me about spies, saying to me that there might be too much Divide and Conquer going on in our movement. I replied as follows:-

What I will tell you, from my personal, and nasty experiences a long time ago when I first got into politics, is that an enemy agent is very dangerous. If you do not work these people out of your circles you will have lots of trouble. Enemy agents are very dangerous. I’ve been on the receiving end at great cost, and I’ve seen other people’s lives destroyed by this. Here in Africa we had more spying and enemy agents than you can imagine. They were everywhere. The blacks, having learned from the Jews spied like the soviet union. EVERYONE becomes suspect.

The only way to deal with this is to remove people from your midst whom you do not trust. Here in SA, the whites who are awake, have had to engage in a long and difficult filtering process. Groups are tight. Security is critical. Everyone is watching everyone. And this is the ONLY way that you get security. This proven, this is military. This is how all military organisations work.

We had more infighting than you can imagine, but in the end, the infighting itself leads to success. It is necessary.

You seem to be advocating a “pretend there is peace” method of moving forward. That does not work. The only method is the military/police way. You even spy on your own people. You have to be exceptionally critical.

With time however, you begin to learn the tricks and people gain confidence. And that is what is happening in our circles here.

Argument, and politics is also normal. Its simply part of will to power.

Perhaps in your part of the world the situation is too fragile and the people don’t have enough experience to make the right decisions. You need to be exposed to a lot of this before you understand it. You can’t just read this out of a book. Everyone goes through this. The blacks went through this on both sides of their politics. They too had to hunt out for spies.

The process of weeding out spies is known as counter-intelligence. It is a proper system used by police, military, intelligence. They hunt for spies inside the organisation.

Spies can do immense damage, and that is why spies have always been executed when found. One spy can do as much harm as an entire army. Here in southern Africa, especially Zimbabwe (Rhodesia), I can tell you, the blacks spied as much as the Soviet Union. They had agents everywhere and even on the internet, phones, etc. In the end, the ONLY way to survive in such a situation is to actually be extremely skeptical and to constantly be monitoring and assessing people.

Leaving a spy inside is the most dangerous thing you can do.

The worst spy incidents we had among ourselves, when I started, and which caused massive harm to myself and worse harm to others, was a Jewish woman who infiltrated us. In the end, my mentor, who was himself a man who had spent 20 years in military intelligence, spread the word among others, and we quietly drove the spy out of our midst. It took about 2 years.

One of the key reasons, in my view, of why Jews are so extremely difficult to beat, is because we allow them too easily into our circles and have done so for so many centuries. The Jews therefore know us BACKWARDS. They know us intimately, and it allows them to play us a like a fiddle. The Alt-Right is far too accepting of spies. The Alt-Right is committing a huge error by allowing Jews to openly function among us. Instead, in the end, I am convinced there will be no alternative but for whites to unite as closed groups and to drive spies from their midst.

Here in South Africa, my modus operandi, which works for me is to kick people out of groups very quickly. A long time ago I was much more tolerant, but I’ve changed. I’ve learned how people can mess up what you’re doing. I kick people aside in 2 seconds. I’m utterly ruthless on this point.

I have tried to make some points clear to people in North America, that this is a war, and this war will never end. At every step along the way, you will meet new headwinds from an enemy that knows us only too well.

The only methods that actually work in the real world are tried and tested military methods of the white man. I assure you, spies are dangerous and must be driven out.

However, as you rightly say, one must be sure these people are spies.

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