Jewish Mass Murder: When Baruch Goldstein killed 29 Muslims at the mosque in Hebron!


[Jews are the masters of poison, murder, etc. We whites are pretty placid compared to their track record. For the few instances of mass murder that we have had; like that of Bowers, Roof, Breivik, etc – the Jews have many more murders – for which they are never punished. The Jews also have the biggest scale of murders on the planet – e.g. Kaganovich, the Wolf of the Kremlin, who personally oversaw the murder of 20 million people. Let’s not cry so much for the Jewish filth who met their end the other day. History is packed with the corpses that came from Jewish communism, which is only their most recent creation which has killed perhaps as many as 200 million people. Jews have brought death and murder to every country and location they have lived in. What tiny little bit of pain they feel is nowhere near what they really deserve.

Here is a Jewish scumbag who is a hero for killing 29 Muslims. Jewish Rabbis are among the worst scum you can find. I repeat: Judaism should be OUTLAWED in ALL Western countries and synagogues should be shut down. Rabbis should be declared RACIAL TERRORISTS! That is what they teach. Rabbis TEACH HATRED TO JEWS. That is what their filthy religion really is.

Just because a Jew tells the truth now and then, doesn’t mean you can trust him always. Be careful of the “Good Jew” too. Jan]

A rare truth telling Jew, Michael Hoffman has this to say:

Let us mourn all the attacks on houses of worship, including the massacre at the mosque in Hebron on Purim 1994, when Brooklyn-born Israeli settler Baruch Goldstein slaughtered 29 Palestinians while they prayed. 
This mass murderer is honored as a saint by some Israelis, and a book of 533 pages was published in praise of his homicidal deeds: Baruch Ha-Gever (“Baruch the Saint,” Jerusalem, 1995, Mikhael Ben-Horin, ed.).


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