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[Look at how the Jews. Here you can see the filthy ADL is driving the agenda. They are putting their foot down. "Never is Now". So there you have it … the Jews meeting to tell all of us how sick we are, and how only the Jews are right … ALWAYS! What a load of crap. These Jews are the spoilt brats of the WORLD! In the 1920s Henry Ford said that "the Jewish problem" is the BIGGEST PROBLEM IN THE WORLD! Here we are a century later … and the Jews are worse than ever! What nightmares lie ahead!? Everyone has to stand up to the Jewish scum. It is shocking the open boldness of this race of rats and nation destroyers! Jan]

Sun, Nov 1, 8:01 PM (8 hours ago)

ADL Never is Now Summit on Antisemitism and Hate

Attend Never Is Now, the world’s largest Summit on antisemitism and hate.

This must-attend event is the premier setting for learning to confront hate in all its forms and will be entirely virtual and free for the first time ever. Topics include Antisemitism Across Borders, Extremism & The Election, How Hate has Moved from On Campus to Online, Hate Crimes Legislation, Diverse Jewish Voices on Current Issues and much more!

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