Jewish Diversity Nonsense Backfires: Anti-Semitic activist campaigned with multiple Democrats over the past year


[So the Jews have these non-Whites moving around in some of their circles, and then some of them turn on the Jews. Hahahaha. Look at how this one guy calls them the SATANIC JEWS! Nice description! So the truth comes out among these various non-Whites and it burns the Jews asses a bit. It makes me laugh. You see, things are not always working for our main enemy. Jan]

Mahel Abdel Qader, who is close to Rep. Rashida Tlaib, posted claims that “satanic” Jews control the media and are not real Jews.

(June 27, 2022 / JNS) An anti-Israel activist who shared a number of social media posts with anti-Semitic content has campaigned with multiple Democrats over the past year.

Mahel Abdel Qader has come under fire for repeatedly promoting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. In 2017, he shared a graphic that included the names of dozens of Jewish members of Congress, implying that they have a dual loyalty to Israel and the United States. The Daily Caller reported that, in 2018, Qader shared an anti-Semitic video that claimed Jews are “satanic” and control the media. The video also dipped into Holocaust denial, questioning whether six million Jews died at the hands of the Nazis. It also claimed that Jews aren’t actually Jewish, but rather invented their historical claims to Israel.

In another post, Qader accused Israeli settlers of training children “to terrorize Palestinian civilians.” He also posted a picture of a sign that showed former U.S. President Donald Trump wearing a yarmulke while holding a Hanukkah menorah and an Israeli flag. The sign said, “Hey Donald, we thought you said America First!” Qader also put up multiple posts that promote boycotts of Israel.

According to a Fox News Digital report, Qader served on the host committees of multiple fundraisers for New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ campaign. He also joined Adams on a Zoom call to discuss the campaign, according to a post on Qader’s now-deleted Instagram page.

In addition, Qader attended a New York City fundraiser last month for Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, who is running for reelection. Several weeks ago, he was on the host committee of a virtual fundraiser for Rev. Jesse Jackson’s son Jonathan Jackson, who is running for Congress in Illinois’ First Congressional District.


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