Jewish Courts in Western Countries … Whites need to wake up….

[The first time I ever heard of a Jewish court was when my Jewish friend mentioned it one day about 10+ years ago. I immediately said: "A Jewish court?" What's that? Then he said … oh its where Jews go by mutual agreement to settle family related matters….. hahahaha. Nice one. Nice lie. There's more to it than that, and I'm sure it's all hidden. Since my Jewish friend lived here in Johannesburg, he was talking about the Jewish court in Johannesburg. If you go and look, I'm sure you'll find a Jewish court in EVERY WESTERN CITY that Jews live in. I'm sure they're all over the show. They are run by Rabbis. The Rabbis are the Judges. The Jews boast that Jesus was sentenced to death by a Rabbinical court. I urge people to study these Jewish courts, like all other jewish things to see if we can discern what exactly these slimeballs are up to in those courts. It seems to me, that whenever Jews want to "opt out" of the Western legal system, then by agreement, the 2 Jews settle their dispute in a Jewish court, which has its own rules and standards. But I have wondered what other nonsense these Jewish courts can get up to? Now personally, I would say, that Jewish courts should be BANNED. Why does a people need their own legal system when they already live in a country with its own legal system? This, yet, again, is proof that the Jews bring their hidden state inside our states. I think Jewish courts should be outlawed and banned in every Western country. There is no need for this. Why do they skip by our rules as and when it suits them? I doubt it just has to do with family matters. I'm sure business matters, money matters and perhaps much more, goes on in those courts. Jews will shout at Sharia Law, but hey, they've already established their court system quietly, inside every nook and cranny of the Western world and NOBODY says a word about it!!!! Jan]

Here is the wikipedia entry for the Jewish court in Johannesburg. It is referred to as Beth Din.

It is amazing the things that Jews hide right under our noses and of course the wonder "investigative journalists" of the Mass Media … NEVER FIND ANYTHING WORTH WRITING ABOUT HEY!!!!

The Johannesburg Beth Din is the Beth Din (Court of Jewish Law) of the Union of Orthodox Synagogues of South Africa it serves Jews throughout South Africa, and other countries on the continent.

The focus of Beth Din is on areas of family law, divorce and conversion, as well as adjudication of financial disputes. Other areas supervised by the Beth Din are: Circumcision, Stam, Mikvaot and Eruvin.

In 2004, the High Court of South Africa upheld a cherem (excommunication edict) against a Johannesburg businessman because he refused to pay his former wife alimony as ordered by The Johannesburg Beth Din.[1] The case, because of its potential implications with regard to the interaction of religious and state law, elicited global interest.


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