Jewish control of Poland & other things

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[I'm posting a short piece, relating to someone who challenged a Jew on a topic and the Jew denied writing it… blah blah. I sent the writer a note about Jews in Poland. A topic I'll return to. Jan]

Date: Tue, Sep 17, 2019 at 9:45 AM
Subject: Re: Fw: [shamireaders] Re: few remarks on Poland, USA, USSR and Hungary today [1 To: Marek

All I know is that at one point Jews made up 10% of Poland’s population, the highest percentage in the world ever. The Jews also boasted about being upper class Poles. In fact there are “orthodox Jews” who to this day wear Polish garb from that time when they were the upper classes of Jews. This Jew sounds dodgy. I also don’t like reading the Unz report because Unz is a Jew himself. Anything that is touched by a Jew can’t be trusted in my opinion.

On Tue, Sep 17, 2019 at 6:23 AM Marek wrote:

These ambiguous Slavs and peculiar Jews PAN-SLAVIC ISSUES (?)

This is the title of dr Nowopolski lengthy email /letrel, which I received, during my participation in in 11-th Polish Meeting of Philosopher,s at Lublin Catholic University, this Sept. 11-14, from my “colleague in arms” Israel Shamir (from Moscow at present, I presume).

Dr Nowopolski emailed, to Israel Shamir, the following request:

>> I challenge you to publish my article on your site. If you believe in what you present in your articles you will not be afraid of doing so!<<


Ignacy Nowopolski, Dr. Sc.

And Israel Shamir answered him, the same day:

Hello, Dr Nowopolski,

I could not understand why did you wrote to me. I did not write the article you refer to, I did not even read it. I am not an editor of (…) And in addition: if Jews rule Poland, this is the wish of the Poles, for under Jaruselski the Poles were definitely free of Jews.

I cc this letter to my Polish friend Dr Glogoczowski; will be interesting to know his view.


Israel Adam Shamir

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