Jewish Communism working to destroy America: Radical left has moved from ‘Defund the Police to Death to Police ’ – My Comments


[Look at this war on the Police. What you have here are communist shitbags who are trying to create the conditions for more lawlessness so that they can embark on even more upheaval and terror. I say: SHOOT BLM AND ANTIFA DEAD ON SIGHT! Seriously. Gun them down. The Police aren't the problem! THE RADICAL JEWISH COMMUNIST/LIBERALS are the PROBLEM! Jews … opening the doors to the white man's worst nightmares! You are looking at serious efforts to start a war here. They will fail, but still, you have needless death, etc and the authorities are far too weak. This is what comes from teaming up with communists. We need Hitler's Brown shirts on the streets … We need people like young Kyle from Kenosha who shot those MOFOS dead. That's what whites NEED. Jan]

Indiana GOP Congressman Jim Banks reacted to the news of two L.A. Sheriff’s deputies fighting for their lives after being ambushed and shot at a train station.

Earlier the L.A. County Sheriff issued a statement on twitter, calling for left wing protesters to ” Not to block emergency entries and exits to the hospital. People’s lives are at stake when ambulances can’t get through.”

“Obviously, a tragic story. And from Indiana, our thoughts and prayers go out to these police officers,” said Rep. Banks on Fox and Friends on Sunday morning. “But we’ve seen this coming. We’ve seen the radical left move from chanting defund the police to death to police. And what every Democrat should answer on every Sunday morning show this morning that they appear on, is whether or not they will support the police and call on this left-wing mob around the country to stand-ups and to support the police instead.”

Rep. Banks called on Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Nancy Pelosi to “call on their supporters to stop the madness, support our law enforcement officers, and quit engaging in violent activities like these.”


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