Jew-Owned, Anti-White Communist Trudeau Vows To Teach All Canadians What It Means To Be Muslim

[Trudeau is such a dumb asshole. The Jews have muddled his brain. What an anti-White bag of crap he is. Canada never had Muslims. Just more White grovelling to anti-Whites because Jews behind the scenes want it this way. So pathetic. Jan]

PM Trudeau marked Eid al-Fitr by reflecting on the need to educate "all Canadians on what it means to be a Muslim in Canada."

May 9

During a recent visit to a mosque in Ottawa, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered a speech to a large crowd celebrating the Islamic Eid festival. For ten minutes, our PM heaped praise on the community. With passionate conviction, Mr. Trudeau spoke of the virtues of Islam, the value of Muslim-Canadians, and the challenges of Islamophobia.

“Muslims are an essential part of our country that we continue to build every single day."

“Canada has gotten more challenging over these past years, particularly for Muslims with increases in racism, hate crimes and other incidents of hatred that strike this community.”

Mr. Trudeau marked Eid al-Fitr by reflecting on the need to educate "all Canadians on what it means to be a Muslim in Canada." During the speech, he spoke of government plans to appoint a special envoy in the fight against Islamophobia, as well as the need to help educate all Canadians on prejudice against Muslims.

"You all know well that diversity can be a source of strength."

The PM’s dedication is all-pervasive, his words imbued with passion. After which Cultural Action Party compare Trudeau’s attitude with that of other religious communities. As it happens, the Christian holiday of Easter arrives around the same time as Ramadan, of which Eid represents a marking of its final days.

On April 17th, 2022, Justin Trudeau issued his one and only statement regarding the Easter celebration. Just over one minute in length, the PM’s tribute cannot hold a candle to his emotive outpouring regarding Ramadan.

Why? What is it that results in a blatant display of favouritism toward one community above another? CAP do not speak in abstractions. Readers can witness the deviation in approach for themselves:

Scroll to 23:25 of the Ramadan tribute video.

PM Justin Trudeau’s Easter message.

We offer an example to illustrate our prime minister’s preference for Islam over the Christian faith:

“I understand the anger that’s out there against the federal government, against institutions like the Catholic Church. It is real, and it’s fully understandable."

Mr. Trudeau was reacting to a series of arson attacks on Christian churches in July, 2021. Over two dozen incidents occurred in response to a discovery of graves of Indigenous children earlier in the year. In the meantime, Trudeau has publicly professed to be a practicing Catholic. He has a strange way of showing it.

More than likely, Trudeau’s approach to religion has little to do with personal faith, belief in God, or any sign of personal virtue. For our PM, it’s all about politics– meaning it is all about power. Fair to say that after nearly seven years, Trudeau’s religion is power, and the art of holding on it in perpetuity.

Even on this basis, we arrive at a perplexing state of affairs. Statistics Canada informs us that Muslim-Canadians comprise less than 4 percent of our demography. Why then the ubiquitous dedication? PM Trudeau must know something about our country that the rest of us do not.

Perhaps a key is found in the closing lines of our PM’s fawning over the community:

"Muslim Canadians are an essential part of building for the future. I thank you for everything you do. Thank you very much, Eid Mubarak."

Here’s a topic Canadians never hear Justin Trudeau speak about: the future.

Is this the reason for his obsequious approach to a specific community? Is Canada’s future to be found in a demographic transition that only our Liberal government understand?

Let us be clear in our messaging. We speak not of condemnation of a religious community. What we reference is a political agenda in which government, in addition to media, are keeping hidden from 38 million Canadians.

CAP do not have a crystal ball. There is no guarantee that what we speak of is the cold truth. Yet, a particular fact remains: Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada, gives preference to the Islamic community over all other religions within society.

There has to be a reason why.

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