Jesus Never Existed: Whites – The Future – What will happen to our Christian brethren when Christianity dies?

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[This is from a rather angry discussion among Whites. In it, one of our brethren, wrote angrily to Christians telling them that Christianity is a Jewish creation and that there is no evidence for Jesus ever having existed. The Christians turned around and said that there was a LOT of evidence that Jesus existed. This guy mentioned the website: – which I know about and have great respect for. Jan]

Joe wrote:-
"There is more evidence of Jesus than there is of any other ancient persona." What you wrote is absurd and ridiculous. I don’t want to be offensive and I stop here, even ’cause with irrational, fanatical, blind people it’s useless to discuss. I live with you with your phanta-rabbi. Definitely, christianity was the best jewish invention to destroy from within the ancient, glorious world and finally our race.

So I wrote to Jew:

Hi Joe,Don’t knock the Christians too hard. I’m on your side. But you must understand that people need things to live for and values to live by. Our people don’t just clown around, and they live in accordance with what they believe. We are an amazingly formal people. We do not just do things willy nilly. We need to understand and think things through and take it in. Therefore you cannot just attack Christianity without offering things in its place.

A key cornerstone for most Whites is the notion of Heaven and an eternal life. Many people have suffered hardships and given up on many things in order to get that eternal life. I, myself, wanted to live forever. I, myself, lived a very meagre life in order to attain spirituality. But it was all bunk and I now accept that I will die and that will be that. Thus, my goal is to make the very most of what is left of my time to do things that are worthwhile for a bigger cause.

What is needed are the new values and the new motivations for our people to want to live life with energy and determination. My view is that the answer will be 100% racial. Live for your folk. That’s the only heaven there is. And I like the work of Ben Klassen the creator of Creativity which I think is a very good basis for us. I know others have also done work on it like Dr Pierce. WE DO NEED A BELIEF AND VALUE SYSTEM. THIS IS CRITICAL. Klassen explained that all great civilisations had at their heart a religion. And that religion gives us the valid values we need.

Christianity unfortunately leads back to Jews and all the Jewish nonsense. So it is a huge weakness for us. At the end of the day you worship the good Jew who died for us on the cross – Jesus.

However, life is such that we as a people will adapt. We WILL ADAPT. We will NOT DIE. And if living means dumping Christianity, then we will dump Christianity. Whenever something has no more beneficial value, then a people will dump it. We will dump Christianity and we as a race will outlive Christianity and move on. We will not descend into chaos when it’s gone. We spent more than 40,000 years as non-Christians and Pagans in Europe, and we can spend millions and even billions of years without Jesus in the future.

But it will take pressure to make people change and it will also require NEW THINGS to take the place of the old things. Much of Christianity borrowed from Pagan ideas and values. e.g. Easter and Christmas. Both have Pagan roots. Many of our Pagan values and morales – if not most of them – also remained. We will remain more or less the same people we’ve been, but we will have new survival strategies and goals.

I’m personally convinced that the best, the very best, is yet to come.

HOWEVER, WE MUST ACKNOWLEDGE THAT A LOT OF CHRISTIANS ARE IN OUR MOVEMENT AND A QUESTION FOR ME IS THIS: WHY DON’T WE HAVE LOTS OF WILD, FROTHING, ANGRY ATHEISTS WILLING TO FIGHT FOR OUR RACE TOOTH AND NAIL? This is an area of weakness that must be addressed. So while the Christians have their problems, it is not good to attack them.

THE CORE ISSUE IS RACIAL SURVIVAL. Survival and fighting back is key. So we mustn’t get too carried away on the issue of beliefs. Our brothers and sisters will change slowly, in their own time. It is very shocking to have to change your belief system. It has happened to me. It’s a very traumatic experience. So one must not be heartless about this.

We’re coming together … and FABULOUS THINGS AWAIT US!!!!

About the book: Jesus Never Existed.

I have the book. My Missile Engineer friend gave it to me as a gift some time before he died. It’s enormous. And I have a bunch of the videos. Christianity was unquestionably a political creation in the final times of the Roman Empire.
It seems to me that by then there were so many problems in the Empire that he was trying to find a way to prevent civil war and collapse. I will add that Christianity as created by him, was very non-European. Most of the Bishops who came to the conference to create Christianity came from outside Europe. It is also instructive that the Eastern Empire lasted the longest whereas the Western Empire collapsed the first. The Eastern Empire lasted for another 1,000 years. I do wonder whether Christianity was not as "natural" for the West as it was for the East. These are various minor thoughts.

It is my personal view, when I look at history, that the real transition away from Christianity started with the Rennaissance. From that time onwards, our race has been edging ever more away from Christianity. Christianity at its peak was in the middle ages, and we’ve been slowly as a race and as a civilisation been moving away from it.

Nietzsche predicted that Christianity would die but he did state clearly that the process WOULD TAKE CENTURIES. I do think the process will be faster than he envisaged. I think within about a century most of what’s left of it will be gone.

I am personally AMAZED to see atheists among the Afrikaans Whites in SA. There aren’t many, but I will tell you, these people took Christianity very seriously. They believed EVERY WORD. Like the Germans, Christianity has failed them and they’re in a state of shock.

But our people NEED SOMETHING IN PLACE OF CHRISTIANITY. It does have a value, especially for the women. We’re in a strange state, and our people are unhappy and confused by many things. But it will work itself out. And the NEW WHITES are coming. The new Whites … will be like the NAZIS and Fascists … that’s the future. A return to the way we were, before Christianity. A return to our more natural Pagan selves. We will be tougher and harder.

We’re going to be awesome.

Take care

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