Jan Lamprecht: Military Fortifications: Have Concrete mixer, will travel! – The Romans invented Concrete!


When I’m not busy with my Holy Work of teaching white people to love themselves and to HATE the Jews, I think of ways of KILLING OUR ENEMIES! A favorite pastime of mine I might add! I’m always trying to think up ways of killing more of our enemies faster in the future! I’m not into forgiveness but I’m BIG INTO REVENGE! Like Alex Linder, I’m a big advocate of a *LOT* OF KILLING!

I may have discovered a minor talent I have! I can double as a builder of fortifications!

My Dad used to build and throw slabs of concrete when I was a kid. But in my entire life I’d never spent time using concrete myself. Concrete, for the record was invented by the ROMANS! Yes, there are LOTS of things you use every day that was invented by those “Pagan Romans” (e.g. Books as we know them, Concrete and much more). And the Roman concrete buildings have stood and lasted for 2,000 years I might add.

So this year with my little home “water project” I began needing to use quite a lot of concrete. Then I told my nephew, I wish I could find a really cheap concrete mixer as it would help. And he showed me how to get one. I *LOVE* my little concrete mixer and I’ve used it a lot since, and if money allows, I’ll use it a *LOT* more to fix and do things around my house.

My experiments and fun with concrete really impressed me. I was looking at a little retaining wall I built and I was marveling at its incredible strength. I could have used bricks but decided to try my own experiment. I was so impressed with the concrete work that I began thinking this could come in useful if there ever should be a war! I’m telling you, I was sitting and thinking of things I could throw together if one truly needed it!

So I’m totally in love with concrete, once I began actually using it and playing around with it.


So if you need a pill box or a bunker! Just call me! Have concrete mixer, will travel! You can shoot communists from the comfort of your own pill box at your leisure while they’re chucking hand grenades at you and firing at you with machine guns! Don’t sweat! It will be fun!

Let’s build fortifications and kill our enemies when they come to steal our stuff!! 14/88

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