Italy: Thousands of African Invaders are Infected with HIV

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While the ports of southern Italy are filling up with thousands of immigrants who have recently disembarked, the Fratelli d’Italia deputy, Edmondo Cirielli, is sounding a new disturbing alarm that, at least until today, has not been taken into consideration. “The people disembarking on Italian coasts are first of all coming from Nigeria, the second country, after South Africa, with the greatest number of people affected by Aids.” And now he wants to know what the government is doing to prevent or, at least, monitor this risk.

According to estimates, at least 20% of the Nigerian population is HIV positive. Cirielli calculates that “since in the last three and a half years, more than 80 thousand Nigerians have arrived, we can assume that more than 15 thousand of them are HIV-positive.”

This is from The Daily Stormer. Their original source article is in Italian:

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