Israeli Jewish shit bag says: Its time to FIGHT anti-Semitism (aka the Truth) … 46 World Leaders in Israel


I’m not going to give publicity to Jewish pieces of shit by linking to them. I’ll just tell you that on Israeli talk radio, a Jewish shit bag was crowing about the 46 leaders who came to the World Holocaust Forum Held in Jerusalem. He was saying that the time has come to stop talking and start fighting “anti-semitism”.

This is a joke in and of itself since Jews have never stopped fighting “anti-semitism”, i.e. the TRUTH. They have been spewing their lies and crushing the truth at every conceivable opportunity.

Enormous bannings by Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Google have not had enough effect as far as the Jews are concerned. And it seems that getting Youtube to engage in a massive exercise to stop “70% of controversial videos” … is still not enough.

The Jews are behaving as if they’re in the Soviet Union and there is forever, the cry of how EVERYONE must fight so-called anti-semitism.

The Jews are the world’s biggest drama queens and spoilt brats. A race of shit who are treated far too well by whites.

What these Jews need, when they open their big Jewish mouths is to have their teeth kicked out by whites.

A race of dog shit if ever there was. Scum of the earth … is a phrase too nice for this race of garbage.

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