Israel runs most of the world’s online Casinos: Some of The World’s Largest iGaming Firms Are From Israel – My Comments


[Jews … jewing. My own theory is that the different races, all races, are going to return in the decades ahead to being more of what they were before, and for the Jews this means focusing more on business and less on other things. For the blacks it means going downhill and returning to the things they used to do. But for the whites I think we will be firmer and tougher than we've been in a long time. I think we're rediscovering ourselves and as this happens, the different races will return to "the natural order", and for Jews it means, less effort on Govt and war, and more effort on business and money. Even the Israeli soldiers become businessmen. I think things will go this way because natural competition is going to set in. Jan]

From a report released by the Embassy of Israel Pretoria in 2015, it is incredible how a country of around 8 million people can be having a very significant share of $91 billion in the gaming industry.

Many casino sites in countries like Canada and UK, are dependent on the Israel iGaming industry.

Israel has been a home of thousands of jobs for game developers, gambling companies, gaming technology companies, and even gaming publishers a. It becomes more paradoxical when you hear that Israel has some of the strictest rules when it comes to gambling.

The question that could be ringing in your mind is, how does a country with strict regulation in gambling be a home for the world’s largest iGaming firms? Well, the fact remains that Israel has strict rules on gambling but has not prevented the growth of these gaming firms.

Sports betting is allowed in Israel and is closely monitored by the Israeli Commission for Sports Gambling. Lotteries are also legal in the land, and the Israeli government is responsible for overseeing it. Online gambling is illegal in Israel for both players and operators.

Israel Gambling Regulations and Laws

Israel has been going through a series of law enforcement when it comes to online gambling. The Israeli Penal Law 5737 – 1977, which is the set of the gambling laws in Israel, has only legalized the national lottery, sports betting, and horse racing gambling.

The national lottery in Israel has been operating since 2006 with five lotto games. Mifal HaPayis, usually deal with the Israeli national lottery and was developed by the Intralot SA.

On the side of sports betting, the Israel government has set aside a board that oversees this betting. This board is responsible for providing sports betting matches on its website daily. The featured sports are basketball and soccer.

Despite being so good in allowing gamblers to involve themselves in these games, the real online gambling has never been recognized in the land. Israel authorities have been very staunch in paralyzing any illegal gaming and gambling operations in the country.

Most online gambling sites in the country have been shut down. The authorities went further to order the closure of websites that were giving gamblers access to any external site. This action was enforced by the Israeli police, who had the power to shut down any gambling website.

Despite these strict rules against gambling, it is surprising that Israel is still a home for large iGaming firms and software providers. Such firms include the renowned Playtech, 888, and the famous Empire Online.

Playtech In Israel

Playtech is one of the most popular software developers and providers that have the highest number of casinos, slots, and other gaming software. You can wonder how Israel and this online casino industry came into place and how this firm is operating in a land that has banned online gambling.

Well, the growth of such firms in Israel has been supported highly by various entrepreneurs and individual business people. Their contributions have made the company grow to become the largest online gaming vendor in the casino industry. It is the first one to feature in the London Stock Exchange market.

Playtech was founded by Teddi Sagi, one of the renowned businessmen in Israel, with a net worth of more than $3.6 billion. This online gaming vendor has, over the years, collaborated with major companies in the entertainment industry like DC Comics, Marvel, and Hollywood slots.

With such collaborations, Playtech can release some excellent games that either shows individual superheroes from Marvel or blockbuster movie personalities like Rambo. Its games are always accessible through desktops, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other gadgets.

Playtech has an array and variety of games from slots, video pokers, jackpot games, specialty games, table games, scratch card games, to live casino games. Playtech seems to be well-established in the country, and it will continue being the leading in this industry.

888 in Israel is another well-established iGaming firm that ha spread its roots in Israel. The company has been in the country for over two decades since 1997 when a couple of Israeli brothers established it. These brothers were Shay and Ron, while the other pair of brothers were Avi and Aaron.

This company has now moved its headquarters to Gibraltar is thriving despite the strike gambling rules in Israel. Just like Playtech, also trades on the famous London Stock Exchange market.

One of the things that are making company grow very fast is the licensing it has acquired. Ireland’s Revenue Commissioners have currently licensed the firm, the Government of Gibraltar, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, and the Malta Gaming Authority.

Previously, 888 firm was one of the trailblazers in the gaming industry, where it received more than 50 international awards for their high intelligence and innovation in the gaming industry. They have also won EGR Awards for five years.

Besides extending their support to famous football clubs like Birmingham FC, 888 has released various renowned casino games like 888Poker, 888Sport in sports betting, and the 888Ladies in bingo.

Other Big Names With Traces of Israeli Roots

Other significant firms that were doing very well and gained global attention include PokerStars, Neo Games, and William Hill.

PokerStars, which is still dominating the online poker field, was founded by a businessman whose roots were from Israel. Besides PokerStars, other small firms from Israel have made a significant impact in the global online gambling industry.

William Hill, one of the dominating gambling companies in the UK, was once having its offices in Tel Aviv for years before relocating to the UK. William Hill had a partnership with the Israel Playtech firm, which turned out to be a big success to the firm. This is the move that made it move to Israel but later returned to the UK.

Neo Games is another firm that has been closely working with William Hill and has gained significant importance among the gaming fanatics. William Hill was once investing in Neo Games and used its services to achieve stability in the market.


It is only in Israel that we have big casino operators, technology companies, and affiliate companies all collaborating with the growth of this industry. All these firms are in Israel because of its innovation and high online technological development in the world. From the growth rate of the gambling industry, Israel will continue being a home for many iGaming firms.


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