Is there a Global Grand Strategy by the USA+Jews to destroy Putin? – Will Dementia Joe become Winston Churchill?

I’m watching with interest all kinds of things going wrong for Putin. I did mention quite some time ago, very early on, that I was picking up the message that the "Elite" in the USA might even set out to remove Putin from power. Those inside Russia have said this cannot happen any time soon. That Putin will remain in power for years. That unseating him will be hard.

There are weird creepy things going on like Turkey making some moves that are interfering with Russia. Japan too has raised issues re: Kurile Islands.

I am wondering if the global political reach of the USA+Jews is going to cause Putin problems in other ways.

Putin seems to be running into a lot of headwinds. Things are going badly for him on all fronts.

WARNING: WHITES MUST NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF THE MILITARY PEOPLE IN THE WEST – THE GENERALS, THE INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES. Remember the Military people may be grovelling to the political garbage, but the military structures are not that bad – in terms of efficiency. There are brilliant scientists, technicians and other professional Whites in those structures. So don’t underestimate the MILITARY POWER of the Western World.

I suspect most of what is going wrong for Putin is due to the military/intelligence agencies now focusing on Russia and Ukraine.

I did raise another possibility early on, that Dementia Joe needs a war in order to not appear to be the total weak asshole and general bag of shit that he really is.

I am wondering more and more whether Dementia Joe will come out of this a winner – a new Winston Churchill, with Jews everywhere crowing their Jew crap about how awesome he is.

At the other end of the scale, I’m wondering if Trump is losing his direction.

All of Western politics is a bunch of crap due to Jews existing at every conceivable level known to man. And all of this is still not good for our civilisation and race.


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