Is the former South African, Elon Musk a fraud?


[One of my readers posted this comment about Musk. I find Musk very strange, considering he is a South African. Here in South Africa I've never come across anyone who even knew him or spoke about him positively. Technically, he lived here, but it's also as if he never made any impression on anyone here. Exactly how he arose and what he's up to, contains a lot of mystery. I also don't think he is what he is cracked up to be. He seems to me to have the right (((connections))) if you know what I mean! Jan]

The reader wrote:

I think Elon is a fraud. I don’t believe he’s the brains behind his company and technology, he was installed there. Whenever I see him being interviewed and questions come up about the technology he gets a blank look and talks some nonsense like "It’s magic".

While his company was going bankrupt he wrote himself a 2.5 billion dollar paycheck for the year…It all smacks of – well, you know what..

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