Is Jordan Peterson another Academic Jew scam like Professor Chomsky and Einstein?

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[This is a quick note I sent to someone who gave me a bunch of stuff on the "Canadian Messiah" Jordan Peterson, who smells like a Jew rat to high heaven for me. Jan]

I wrote this:-
There’s no question in my mind that Jordan Peterson is very likely a real Jew, but they are all hiding the fact that he’s a Jew.

There’s not an aspect of Jordan Peterson that isn’t Jewish. The way he behaves, the views he has, the people he knows. I think he’s a freaking Jew, even though they openly proclaim that he’s not Jewish.

Every view he has is 100% JEWISH. He behaves EXACTLY like a Jew.

In fact, if I look at his face, there is something a little strange in his face. In one video I was looking at him and he seems to have quite a similar shaped face to the Jew Epstein!!!

And another fcking creepy thing … he seems to have a love of the Soviet Union!!! WTF? A "White Canadian" LOVES THE USSR? Are you fcking nuts?

So is he a commie? Only Jews would love the old bolshevik state

And he pitches up at the TRILATERAL COMMISSION!?!?!? Are you shitting me?

Now another f*cking evil Jew whom I detest – in fact the first Jew that I truly grasped as being utterly detestable (before I woke to Jews), is that very disgusting "Jewish Academic" also a PROFESSOR in the USA. Before Peterson, decades ago, there was the JEWISH professor, the linguist (apparently an insanely awesome GENIUS), called Naom Chomsky.

Now this f*cker, I stumbled upon him when I was looking at THE AFRICAN COMMUNIST – the journal of the South African Communist Party.

I was reading in this communist journal, this article by a "White" American Professor named Chomsky! I couldn’t believe this? This was back in the 1990s. Then later I saw documentaries about him. And they were fawning over him.

This lying bag of shit Jew, Chomsky, was a firm communist. But he functions totally fine in the USA, talking his crap … and you’ll hear everyone saying what a wonderful genius he is.

He once debated some Whites in Holland, and they nearly lost their minds …. because he’s just a Jew playing his junk Jew games.

So I’m wondering if Jordan Peterson is some kind of rerun of Chomsky – but just not so openly communist.

The Jews have an intense love of feigning a great IQ and using that to bash Whites down. They love hauling out Einstein. I wonder if that’s not part of the game. Trying to pretend/fake some new high IQ Jew to mind-fuck the "dumb Whites".

Boy do I detest Chomsky. I had the same "feeling" about him as I get with Peterson. There’s something so f*cking disingenuous about Peterson that is similar to how I reacted to Chomsky.

And Chomsky fooled many people. He plays his Jewish games and I suspect being a linguist just makes him a better and more cunning liar.

Oh, I nearly forgot: When the Blacks (Communists) came to power in South Africa, just a few months later, they had a whole DOCUMENTARY SERIES on South African TV about this incredibly awesome GENIUS from America … Professor Chomsky!!!!

At the time it made no sense to me. Why are we seeing this weird "American" on South African TV? We’ve never heard of him. Later I began to realise he’s a commie. When I got that Communist journal.

But the Blacks actually ran a full series on TV and I watched it all.

In his debate with a Dutch guy, the White Dutch man, debated so nicely and so patiently, but Chomsky was just f*cking with his mind. By the time the debate ended, the White guy had nearly lost his mind. But now that I know and grasp these bags of shit, I now understand the game.

Peterson may be a new Jewish attempt of a spin-off or variant of Chomsky/Einstein.

Einstein was a COMMUNIST. Chomsky was a COMMUNIST. (A real HATER OF AMERICA I MIGHT ADD). And here we see that Peterson’s house is filled with Soviet stuff!!!!

Even though they all say, including the Jews, that Peterson is not a Jew, EVERYTHING about him SMELLS OF JEW. I mean EVERYTHING.

His mind, personality, views … = Jew.

I detest these Jew rats who are fooling our people.

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