Is Joe Biden a Crypto Jew? Did he convert to Judaism secretly?

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Here’s something I’d like to suggest folks look into. Because this is something I spotted here in South Africa, and now I’m wondering if Joe Biden has done the same thing.

Biden is apparently a Catholic. However, I saw a short video that was circulating on Tik Tok, where a Rabbi talks to Joe Biden.

It happens that quite a lot of people, especially important people convert to Judaism secretly. I’ve discussed this with regard to President Ramaphosa of South Africa and my belief that he converted secretly to Judaism.

But I see with Biden that he deals with a guy called Rabbi Michael Beals and Biden refers to him as "my rabbi".

I saw a short video where Rabbi Beals blesses Biden and talks about them being close.

One can’t be sure if Biden really converted to Judaism, but I would suggest that it is something people need to keep their eyes open regarding. Something to keep in mind in the back of your head.

Here’s an article where they talk about this Rabbi:

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