Is Jeff Bezos of Amazon NOT Jewish? Yikes!


One of my supporters asked me if Bezos was a Jew, saying that she could not find any info indicating that he was Jewish. This was my reply:

re: Bezos. You raise a shocking question. I had always thought he was a Jew and now upon looking I don’t see any indication that he’s Jewish!!!! But he does have something of a look of a faggot if you ask me.

I was quite astounded that he’s not Jewish.

BUT having said that, there are many Jews who HIDE their Jewish ancestry when its needed. Many do that. I was looking at that. When Jews are under pressure, there are many who hide and remove indications that they were Jewish.

But you are right, Bezos, to my utter amazement does not seem to have been Jewish. I am astounded.

However, there are those who say they are not Jewish, and I don’t believe that.

But Bezos… yes, to my amazement, does not seem Jewish.

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