Is Corona about Anti-Semitism of Whites in the WEST? – Why do Jews & the Elite do crazy, destructive things?

One of my readers on HistoryReviewed posted this comment:

Dane Wiggington is asked repeatedly why would those ruling the world, plot, plan, approve and engage in actions that will ultimately hurt themselves and or their offspring. His reply is always the same, psychopaths are incapable of evaluating the full measure of their actions. It is as if, the Jews collectively want to rebel and or destroy everything that is good on this planet. If they can’t control every single facet of the Goyim’s world, they will destroy it all. Just look at their Sampson Option.

My answer:
I disagree with many parts of the above answer actually. The analysis is not accurate enough. You need to get an idea of cause and effect. Also, of whether some things are planned, or accidental. In history, especially military history, there are many top commanders, e.g. Napoleon, who were opportunistic. You see an enemy make a mistake, and you seize the moment.

You need to ask yourself, which parts of these things are created by whom. Was the virus planned? Or was the virus an accident? Depending on that answer you go to the next level. I find it impossible to believe that the Jews and the Elite plan everything and are able to control it totally.

That said, what we have is a fake virus, yet they’re using the virus as a huge excuse for insane things. The massive overreaction, is extremely fishy.

But, like on 911, there is a lot of missing data. All sorts of things may be going down that we do not know about which we might only find out about in months, or perhaps even a year or two from now.

Did they plan a fake virus so that it could not really do harm, but they intended to exploit it? Or was the virus an event that happened by accident and then they decided to seize the moment?

I don’t know.

But it is a US presidential election and big things are at stake, given the polarisation, so that may be part or all of the answer.

To me there are 2 clear aspects so far which are bizarre:-
1. The incredible media hype – many powerful people had to have decided to do that.

  1. The incredible, insane, self-engineered economic collapse is nuts. It will cause huge problems needlessly.

I have even been asking myself this:
Are the Jews using the smashing of the economies with all business grinding to a halt as a means of putting pressure on the Elite to get them to kick their lower ranks into line?

The deliberate damage to the economies makes no sense. Are the Jews deliberately doing this because “anti-semitism” (read: THE TRUTH) is spreading rapidly among whites in North America and Europe and is literally unstoppable? Are the Jews using the economy to hold the Goy Elite to ransom, saying to them: Smash the anti-semitism or we’ll pull the plug on everything?

I wonder and ponder. I really don’t know.

But I think its a bit deeper than the simple answer you give that they are merely self destructive. They also make moves which they think are clever, but which are NOT! They understand us extremely well, but not perfectly. I think they also misjudge things at times.

I don’t have the answers. But I am watching, and its damned weird. This is the 911 of the 20’s. And this is much bigger than 911, yet, it is totally as fake … even more fake.

Have the Jews misjudged?

I hope so on some things.

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