INTERNET AGE: I think Hitler would have been very PLEASED with us Whites outside Germany…


In Hitler’s final will, he said the Germans should always fight the Jews.

I think Hitler never expected the whites outside Germany, especially in the USA and the rest of the world, to have stood up to the Jews as we have done here on the Internet. I think he would have smiled on us all, at how much we struggled against a system that was unbelievably strong … with so little, and how much damage we’ve caused to the Jews.

I still think, this Corona Virus scam might be some kind of Jewish attempt to hold a gun to the head of the West. There is something REALLY BIG behind this planet-wide lockdown.

I think Hitler would have smiled on us all, and would have been impressed at how whites found the truth and stood up for the truth and fought one by one for the truth. I think this is doubly true for Americans. I don’t think he EVER expected white Americans, and less still, Canadians to stand up to the Jew.

I wish Germany and Europe were back on the world stage. We need every one of our brothers and sisters out there. We must stand AS ONE, against the Jew and any other hordes the Jews try to throw at us.

I’ll address that a bit later.

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