INSANE: Jews steal $560 million annually from Germans for the “holocaust” – 25,000 more Jewish holocaust “survivors” found!! WTF!?

[The Jewish scams and bullshit just never stops. It just grows grander by the day. How the hell can they find more so-called “holocaust survivors” more than 70 years after a mythical event that never happened? This is just ONE of the many scams the Jews are running with regard to Germany. This particular one netts the Jewish scum half a billion dollars. They’re now finding “child survivors” too. And the bill of the Germans just grows endlessly!!

I read that MOST OF ISRAEL’S INFRASTRUCTURE comes from Germany! Most of what is in that piece of shit country of criminals and liars actually comes from Germany in the first place! America is funding Israel’s defenses. America’s weapons are defending Israel. Israel only exists because of Germany and the USA giving the Jews almost everything the lying scum have!

This is just a fraction of the Jewish swindles that the Jews have been perpetrating against the Germans for over 100 years. My mouth hangs open as the Jewish BS just grows bigger and grander with each passing day. Its unbelievable the crimes they get away with. Jews are NOT victims. Jews are the BEST TREATED SPOILT BRATS ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH! Jan]

Claims Conference says additional government funding brings total compensation for next year to $560 million

Illustrative: A Holocaust survivor shows her number tattoo. (Christopher Furlong/Getty Images via JTA)

Illustrative: A Holocaust survivor shows her number tattoo. (Christopher Furlong/Getty Images via JTA)

The organization that handles claims on behalf of Jews who suffered under the Nazis says Germany has agreed to pay another 75 million euros ($88 million) to fund social welfare services for Holocaust survivors.

The New York-based Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany said Tuesday the additional money brings total funding next year to 480 million euros ($560 million), to help survivors as they grow older and more frail.

Claims Conference negotiator Greg Schneider said, “These elderly heroes deserve the recognition that increased payments and much-needed services will provide.”

Earlier this year, the German government agreed to recognize some 25,000 Jewish Algerians as Holocaust survivors, making them eligible for compensation.

The Claims Conference announced in February that Jews who lived in Algeria between July 1940 and November 1942 were eligible for a one-time payment of €2,556.46 ($3,183).

The Claims Conference is a nonprofit organization that helps survivors to obtain compensation. It was founded in 1951 by representatives of international Jewish organizations, and distributes funds it receives from Germany to survivors and their welfare groups. According to Claims Conference figures, since 1952 the German government has paid out some $70 billion in compensation.

Times of Israel staff contributed to this report.


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