In Praise of White Purity, part 2

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by Douglas Mercer

VIKTOR ORBAN’S SPEECH on race immediately drew outrage from opposition parties and European politicians.

Cseh addressed mixed-race people in Hungary by saying, “your skin color may be different, you may come from Europe or beyond, but you are one of us, and we are proud of you. Diversity strengthens the nation, it doesn’t weaken it.”

That old chestnut, eh? They never tire of trotting out that hoary old falsehood like it’s some kind of unfailing kill shot. Logically, it’s nonsense. But letting subversives and Jew lackeys get more and more of the gullible to believe it will kill us if we don’t stop them.

They are spitting in the face of millennia of behavior and wisdom — corrupting age-old bloodlines on the strength of a freakish Jewish theory that doesn’t even pass the smell test of bare plausibility — that diversity (somehow or other — they never quite explain it) is “our strength.” But to deem it so in the face of chaos, trouble, mayhem, murder, and rape is to drive people beyond the limits of their endurance.

A member of Viktor Orban’s inner circle has resigned after the Hungarian prime minister spoke out against becoming mixed race. Zsuzsa Hegedus, who has known the nationalist Mr. Orban for 20 years, described the speech as “a pure Nazi text.”

Pure Nazi! Nothing rankles them, nothing gets under their skin, like White people wanting to have a country of our own. The know that if enough people, and enough countries get this idea, this nasty Jewish business will be out of business for good and this time will never come back.

“I don’t know how you didn’t notice that the speech you delivered is a purely Nazi diatribe worthy of Joseph Goebbels,” she wrote in her resignation letter.

Actually, the speech was good, very good; it was the speech we needed, but it would need quite a few more turns of the screw to rise to the level of Mr. Goebbels. I seem to recall something about utter annihilation.

The International Auschwitz Committee of Holocaust survivors called the speech “stupid and dangerous.”

Another county heard from. May the trains always be rolling and the chimney always smoking.

“Only one race inhabits this earth, Homo sapiens. And it is unique and undivided,” chief rabbi Robert Fröhlich commented.

One race, the human race — it’s the Jews’ battle cry, though they believe no such thing themselves. They pile up this pile of slop whenever they are in a corner. Like “diversity is our strength” they pretend this is some kind of irreproachable and irreducible truth, when in fact it’s the most risible of fairy tales. At this late date this phrase has been the object of so much ridicule you’d think they would be embarrassed to utter it, but the thing you need to know about Jews is they have no shame.

Opposition politicians said his remarks were “beyond the pale” and “unworthy of a European statesman.”

You bet they did, and so what? A better man than they, Enoch Powell, famously said that the duty of a statesman is to foresee and prevent preventable evils. And nothing is easier to foresee and easier to forestall (where there is a will) than the decline of the White race.

Jew Emily Tamkin heard that Orban had condemned race mixing and she was appalled. So she did what Jews do in these cases — she took to the Jew organ, The New Statesman, and vented and kvetched and let out high-pitched squeals like a cornered animal.

Why did the speech get so much attention? It was not the first time Orbán had made such a remark. On the contrary, Orbán has been speaking about the importance of preserving racial purity for years, of the need to preserve ethnic homogeneity, and of the real threat of a mixed-population Europe.

The calculus here is simple. To hear Jews tell it, way back when in the 1930s (nothing pleases a Jew more than gratuitous references to “the 1930s” as if that is shorthand for unmitigated evil) some White men decided to band together and oppose the Jews. They met with much success. For a Jew, that means that at all costs they must never allow an all-White country to exist, and what Whites there are must certainly not be allowed to unite and stick together. Thus ever since (and before, really) they have exerted their utmost to make every country they live in become racially fractured. Thus the screaming at any hints that a European leader wants ethnic purity.

Tamkin even sees “evil portents” in Orban’s speech, omens that the US Supreme Court might return to the states the right to ban interracial marriages again.

That is not to say that Loving is safe forever; no civil right is anywhere, and certainly not in the United States today.

The Loving (it’s a name of some racemixer or other) decision overturned Virginia’s Racial Integrity Act. Orban spoke to racial integrity in so many words; this is what has Jew Tamkin sweating bullets.

To my mind, Orbán’s comments are not scary because they speak of a distant world that may be, but because they articulate the world that the Hungarian prime minister and his fellow travelers in the United States are already actively working to bring about. It is not literal interracial marriages that are under threat, but the respectful, dignified melding of cultures, and of the people who comprise those cultures.

Oh yes, all they want is the “respectful and dignified” integration of the races, the world speaking and singing in perfect harmony, something which even a cursory reading of history shows to be an impossibility; wherever the races jostle together, hostility (if not outright warfare) begins. Just say that line about “respectful and dignified” to the man who has seen his beloved hometown change racially (and thus in every other way) beyond recognition; tell it to the man who just got hit by another car and the other driver is an invader with whom he can’t communicate and who, of course, has no insurance; tell it the family of the daughter or son murdered by an invader, or to someone who has been shouldered aside in his longtime profession by “educated” invaders from India. Tell it to them! — and they’ll tell you to go pound sand. It really is beyond the limits of endurance.

This is not only true in Hungary, which Orbán and his admirers claim as a bastion of sovereign (and white) Christian Europe. It is true in America. The language of preserving the purity of white America, of protecting it from other, non-white people, permeates policy.

Whiteness and protecting Whiteness permeates policy in America? Is this Jew off her rocker? She’s either lying mendaciously or is so besotted with her Jewishness that she can’t see the forest for the fog. It’s true that in the distant past the protection of White people was the sine qua non of American law; but that state of affairs passed away long ago, and now what permeates policy is a vicious anti-Whiteness — Whites are hobbled by a myriad of legal disabilities, are in fact second-class citizens, and the law protects as its own every Black or Brown or pervert under the Sun. So much for White sovereignty in America.

This fear, of course, also informs American immigration policy. The whole logic behind the Great Replacement Theory, as it is pushed by right-wing politicians and pundits alike, is that people from elsewhere will come and corrode and push out white society.

Isn’t that just obviously true? Indeed, isn’t that why our enemies like immigration so much? If your perspective is White, and traditional, what has been wrought in the past fifty-odd years is simply an abomination, and it’s the tectonic plate of race replacement and race mixture that leads it. We had Blacks from the beginning (a fatal mistake) but the George Floyd phenomenon would be unthinkable in a 90-10 country. It’s the slippage of the White population that brings the leverage to bring the hammer down. So when they say what the “conspiracy theory is” they are really just saying what is: It is simply a reality. Jews have an interest in gaslighting us into thinking it a fantasy. By such devious circumlocutions do they attempt to make people not see what they have already seen.

The central European branch of the American Jewish Committee warned his words recalled “dangerous” ideologies in history; while Romanian Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu on Monday slammed Orbán’s statements as “unacceptable” and Romanian MEP Alin Mituța of the Renew Europe group said the speech was “purely delusional and dangerous.”

It really is amazing how much stock they put in this. Their big push now is “gender” ideology — and that’s a tougher row to hoe as more people will stand up and say “there are only two sexes” than will say “races exist,” let alone say that the races shouldn’t mix. And for someone like Orban (“in this day and age”) to come along and have the gall to unravel the latter has angered them significantly. The last thing they want is a two-front war.

While the far-right prime minister has long faced criticism from political opponents and civil society for fanning the flames of racism, homophobia, Islamophobia, and anti-Semitism, his weekend speech was more explicitly racial than earlier remarks.

He did ratchet it up; this was not implicit anything — this was explicitly racial. It may have been on the more moderate side of being racially conscious, but racially conscious it was.

“Orbán has committed a breach of civilization by identifying himself with the ideology of white supremacists,” Luxembourg Foreign Affairs Minister Jean Asselborn said.

A breach of civilization? A Brown invader burning down Notre Dame was a breach of civilization; the invader who slit the throat of that priest on the altar was a breach of civilization; the summer of Fentanyl Floyd was a breach of civilization; a Nat-Turner-aping Black beast moving down dancing grannies in Wisconsin was a breach of civilization; but what Orban said? No, far from it. In fact the ideas he expressed are the only thing that can save civilization.

We know for sure who is engaging in a reversion to savagery, and it’s not us.

We can only condemn in the strongest terms the use of hate speech that reminds us of the darkest hours of the 20th century on the European continent.

The darkest hour was when the tide turned for the final time at Stalingrad. What they refer to as the darkest hour was the last best chance of man — so far.

Tytti Tuppurainen, Finland’s minister for European affairs, in a text message alluded to the disconnect between Orbán’s words and the fact that Hungary is part of all the international organizations whose foundations are universal human rights.

“Universal human rights” are the false idols to which they want all the world to pray. “Universal human rights” are what they use to prey on the White race. In the name of those “rights,” White people are being edged aside in their historical homelands and are being given no recourse. They are a claim upon our very lives. They are inherently genocidal.

“Orbán’s grotesque tactics will not end well for Hungary,” she added. “We shall not normalize this kind of racist histrionics, but each time remind people that we are bound to act for human rights.”

“This situation has become unbearable inside the European Union,” he said, calling Orbán’s comments a “flagrant violation of the spirit and the letter of the EU Treaty and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.”

And then the Jews come in in their always high-handed way and remind us that the stakes involved are the “lives of the Jews.” Once, in Germany, a man from Austria…

More than half a million Hungarian Jews were systematically exterminated during the Nazi Holocaust in World War Two. Today, there are about 75,000 to 100,000 Jews in Hungary, most of them in Budapest.

It could happen there!

Mazsihisz said Orban’s words triggered serious concerns within the Jewish community.

Leave it to the most ethnocentric people on the planet to attempt to deny White people the ability to be ethnocentric. The good news is this: The more this gets out, the Jews’ disguise as “humanitarians” grows thinner and thinner.

Terming Orban’s speech “stupid and dangerous,” the International Auschwitz Committee called on the EU to continue to “distance itself from Orban’s racist undertones” and to make it clear to the world that “Mr. Orban has no future in Europe.”

The Jews have no future in Europe.

The speech reminds Holocaust survivors of the dark times of their own exclusion and persecution.

They are right to think it could happen again.

Despite all the fervent and feverish flak from the freaks, the good thing is Hungary is an illiberal democracy, and the government itself has a journal in which the speech was fulsomely and justly praised:

In the government flagship daily, Magyar Nemzet, an article praised Mr Orban for defending the idea of nationhood against a drive to mix all nations into a grey, indistinguishable mass.

That would be William Pierce’s “coffee-colored helots,” the smelting down of the world’s races into an undifferentiated and indistinct mass. The opposite, of course, is “racial purity” or “racial integrity.” In a degenerating world one needs to swim upstream constantly and strongly to fight off the forces of racial attenuation. Orban’s speech is just one point on a chart, and time will prove its worth; but it has the potential to be our Winds of Change speech, or our Ripple of Hope speech, the one we remember and laud on that final day of affirmation.

For his trouble, Orban’s experiencing an ideological lynching. All over the Jew media are crawling the snouty and convex-faced purveyors of “outrage ‘ — “This time he has gone too far!” — “Is the GOP base okay with race purity?” — the latter a reference to Orban’s appearance at CPACthis week. It’s surprising that he was able to make it to Texas for that event; you’d think that Jew Tony Blinken’s State Department would place him on a “hate watch” list, label him a “terrorist,” and deny him entrance via the “No Fly” list.

The festering maggots do crank up their outrage machine at the least provocation. But you can tell this one hit the vein — when you use the word race you are leaving the usual delicate tea-sipping conservatives behind. You are going down to the mines. So they proscribed, anathematized, ostracized, and denounced him; this “must not stand” — according to them.

The Jews seem to be saying that they got gassed, so White people must not live.

A speech such as this would have been rather unexceptional 60 years ago. It’s not too far from straight-up Gaullism (“France should be French”), and a reflection of basic common sense. Everyone who has experienced the fruits of “diversity” knows in his heart that this artificial Jewish construct cannot last.

So here’s to illiberal democracy, if only you can get rid of the democracy part; for weak tea will be no substitute for the strong gods of race purity and racial unity when it begins — when it’s time to act and once and for all jettison the shibboleths of a low and disgusting age, and finally, once and for all, to inscribe the name of the White race in the book of time forever.



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