IMPORTANT: Wanted: Information on the South African Jewess Ilana Mercer of WorldNetDaily WND

I’m putting out a call for information on the writer Ilana Mercer. She used to write for WorldNetDaily. She has her own website. She also works closely with Dan Roodt. She’s been doing political writing for some time and I see that she’s moving up in the world.

I first heard her name perhaps about 10 years ago when I was running AfricanCrisis and this woman began emailing me articles. I posted some of them. I even responded to her at the time and thought she was rather rude. Back then I was not aware of the Jews and I did not even know she was Jewish. After some time when she sent her articles to me and I’d published a number of them, I decided that due to her rudeness when I replied to her emails, that I would no longer publish her material.

The next I heard of her she was working for WND whom a friend of mine in the USA had also written for.

Later I began to hear that she’s co-operating with Dan Roodt in South Africa and the last I saw the two of them and someone else were writing on a website of their own.

Ilana Mercer has admitted that she’s Jewish and that her daddy was a Rabbi. The Jew Karl Marx’s father was also a Rabbi.

Don’t be fooled. Judaism does not work like Christianity. If you’re a Rabbi that doesn’t mean you’re poor. In Australia there’s a Rabbi who is a billionaire who has enormous mining investments. There are so many wealthy South African Jews who headed to Australia. I feel sorry for the whites of Australia. Little do they know what lies in wait for them!

I see Ilana’s published a book about the Trump Revolution.

These Jews of South Africa have worked day and night to undermine the Afrikaner and to assist black communists in the form of the ANC in coming to power. Now these same Jews want to set themselves up as experts on South Africa and even pretend to be “conservative”. The Jew Horrowitz was a communist and a “white” member of the radical Black Panthers. Now he’s an Israel-loving “conservative” in the USA. He has more in common with the Jew Ronnie Kasrils in South Africa who boasted about being among the first to build bombs and begin blowing up infrastructure in South Africa. Kasrils, later became the Minister of Intelligence when the black communist ANC came to power and he is still in Government.

People have recently been passing on a number of articles that Ilana’s written as if she’s some kind of expert on South Africa and southern Africa. I read one of her articles in full, the one about Nelson Mandela, Mugabe, Mbeki and Zuma and I just had a good laugh. Often it is what is NOT said that is the most important part.

If you want to know why Nelson Mandela is a “God” in the eyes of the world, look no further than the Jews of South Africa who ensured that he became loved by the world and that the late great Dr Hendrik Verwoerd is hated almost as much as Hitler. Nelson Mandela was a lawyer who worked for a Jewish law firm in Johannesburg. He went on to become South Africa’s first black communist terrorist and that’s why he went to jail because, with the aid of Soviet weaponry he wanted to unleash 7,000 black communist terrorists on the whites of South Africa. At his trial and among his co-conspirators, all of them communists, were lots of “white” Jews! I say “white” because under Apartheid Jews were regarded as white people.

We will shortly be visiting the topic of the Jewish involvement in the murder of Dr Verwoerd – yet another little story (one of so many) of the things that are NOT said!

This is just a call for information so that I can acquaint myself with her background and what she’s said. I have taken no particular interest in her writings about Africa but people are sending me more and more of her stuff so I want to familiarize myself with what she says and claims and what is known about her since she’s been at this for quite some time. I’m getting so many articles written by her that I thought I’d ask people for more information.

Someone told me recently that Ilana comes from a very wealthy family. When I had Jewish friends in Israel, my one pal in Jerusalem said to me that among the richest Jews in the world who come to Israel are those who came from South Africa. Yes indeed, I would believe that. The Afrikaner treated the Jews very well. They’re loaded with BIG MONEY while large numbers of Afrikaners are living in poverty. These same poor Afrikaners were the Police and Soldiers who kept the Jews safe. Even the Jews have admitted that. So while the Afrikaner kept the Jews safe and opened up ALL of his society to the Jews, I’m afraid he’s ended up empty-handed but the Jews from South Africa roam the world with riches most of which came from their time in Apartheid South Africa!


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