IMPORTANT: The White Right did good to support Trump, but Trump failed them … Next step: OUR OWN CANDIDATES!


I was pondering the events of the Trump Presidency and now that Trump is down and out and gone … The Alt-Right or White Right feels bad about all that has happened. But the truth is that the Alt-Right saw hope in Trump that Trump might actually do something, that Trump might be someone worth while. So as I see it, the White Right tried their best and there is nothing wrong with that. The main thing is that people hoped Trump would be bold and strong and that he might do something for Whites – which he did NOT do. We all had hope. Alex Linder believed Trump might give us hope! I hoped so too and for quite a time believed he would. But the truth is Trump was never our candidate. We hoped he would be there and would do something but he did not belong to our movement.

I think the real issue therefore is that the White Right must look at fielding our own candidates in the future in the USA and elsewhere. Real people that come from our movement.

I know that some NAZIS have tried with varying degrees of success. But I think this is the only way to go.

I’m a firm believer that the White Right including the NAZIS must enter NORMAL POLITICS. Our words, and our ideas must be allowed to compete in the mainstream.

We must not be shut up. We must not allow ourselves to be kicked aside.

We MUST ultimately enter normal politics without being weak pathetic Whites who grovel like dogs. We must say directly what we believe without allowing ourselves to be shouted down. Hitler tried various tricks but in the end he had to enter normal politics. It is the only way.

Don’t let Trump’s weaknesses and failures destroy our confidence in ourselves or our message.

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