IMPORTANT: The Texas Shooter’s Manifesto: Patrick Crusius – The Inconvenient truth about me

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Black Monday in 2017! The Biggest White protest about Farm Murders
128 Photos: The Day of White anger over Farm Murders! STOP KILLING OUR WHITE FARMERS!!! This was the biggest White protest in the history of South Africa. You‘ll be blown away by what Whites did that day!

[A good supporter got me this manifesto that the Texas shooter posted online. It needs to be analysed and looked at.

The writer, Patrick says at the end: Many people think that the fight for America is already lost. They couldn’t be more wrong. This is just the beginning of the fight for America and Europe. I am honored to head the fight to reclaim my country from destruction.

I agree. The war for the Western world has barely begun… this is nothing… the real thing is coming DEFINITELY!  Jan]

Here’s the link you can download it at: patrick_crusius_-_the_inconvenient_truth_about_me texas shooting shooter

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(1990) Bishop Tutu: NAZI slaughter of Jews was better than Apartheid
Black Christians in South Africa are no friends of the Whites. These disgusting people have turned on the Whites many time. Here is Tutu lying and pretending that Apartheid was WORSE than the (mythical) Jewish Holocaust (which never happened).

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