IMPORTANT: The American and British goals: Break the Russian Federation into pieces

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I’ve been looking at what various American and British military people are saying about the war in Ukraine. I’ve looked at British strategy and even American strategy going back to WW1. The basic game they play is divide and conquer. They break bigger nations. There are several they’ve torn apart. The Americans broke the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The British broke the Ottoman Empire into pieces.

I’m getting the sense that the Americans and the British want to break the Russian Federation into pieces. This is why they are so excited to just pour in the heavy weaponry. If they can break the Russian Federation politically then it gives them access to all sorts of countries in Asia. They will be able to crawl all over northern Asia in a way they’ve never been able to before.

I don’t think it’s a firm plan, but that is their ultimate goal. That could mean that this war in Ukraine is going to just get nastier and nastier. They want to break Putin’s power base.

I put out a video with my assessment for the Ukraine War in 2023 here:

As I pointed out in the video above, the Western Generals and senior military people, especially the Americans, don’t fear Russia at all any more. Putin can threaten with nukes all he wants.

This is going to be quite a heck of a year. But they might want to go in for the "kill" later.

Their real goal is to break Russia apart for once and for all. There are many benefits to America and Europe once Russia is broken. Russia will never again be a threat to Europe.

There are 2 things to watch for:-
1. Do they later increase the number of tanks from 100 to 300?
2. Do they begin giving Ukraine F16s?

The breaking of Russia is the military goal. What the politicians are doing and how corrupt they are, is another story. But the Generals want to remove Russia from the picture for once and for all. They see Putin’s support base as being weak. They think Putin can be broken and that Russian morale will collapse.

I also see that (((Yellen’s))) visit to Africa has actually been to tell the Blacks to stop supporting Russia!!! That’s the real reason Yellen is here.

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