IMPORTANT NEWS: FIXED: I removed the Viruses & Malware from HistoryReviewed & AfricanCrisis


It took me a few hours, along with some help from friends to find my feet again with regard to removing viruses from my websites.

I think I’ve removed everything. But my fear is that some folks might have had their Internet browsers infected by the damned malware. You can remove it from your browser. The bloody malware was called: AllowAndGo.

I was surprised at first when my normal security software did not detect the malware. And another clue from a technically knowledgeable supporter added to my suspicions that the damned malware had made it physically into the computer problems on the website – on to its hard disk.

Last year I had figured out a lovely solution to the problem but I totally forgot what I had done.

It took me several hours to figure out what I had done last time and to eventually find my feet.

Then it was simple and I ran my customized cleaning program. These were the results on the 2 websites:

History Reviewed:
Total scanned: 8859 Total fixed: 71

Total scanned: 9124 Total fixed: 81

So in total there were 152 infections on both websites.

It seems the other security software had properly protected the websites.

The good news about this type of infection is that I’ve figured out my own way of detecting these infections that slip past the normal security software. So over the weekend I will write a computer program to monitor my websites automatically in the future for this type of infection and to warn me.

I will make extensive notes so that I don’t forget my methods. But it should be a simple matter for me to catch infections in the future within a day or two.

My apologies for the inconvenience. You never know which (((enemy))) has been at work!!!

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