IMPORTANT: Missing Letters? Between Eva & Hitler in Fischhorn Castle

I was watching a video about an amazing German in the SS named Fegelein who married Eva Hitler’s sister. I heard a very fascinating thing. It mentioned that right at the end, Eva wrote a letter to her sister asking for all her business correspondence to be destroyed. But, for all Hitler’s letters to her and from her to Hitler to be given to Waldemar Fegelein, and for it to be stored in "Fish Horn" Castle. This is the same castle where Goering later ended up under the Allies.

It goes on to say that all these letters disappeared. I don’t know if the Allies got their hands on the letters or whether the Germans managed to hide the letters. But these would be seriously interesting letters between Hitler and his wife. I would think there must be incredibly interesting stuff in those letters.

It seems to me the letters might have been seized by the American government. So it’s possibly still under lock and key somewhere in the USA.

So now I am curious. Are there lots of letters between Hitler and Eva which have disappeared?

I also was reminded in this video that Eva tried to kill herself TWICE during the time that she knew Hitler. She was so emotional over him. The first time she shot herself in the chest. In wikipedia it reads: "Braun herself attempted suicide on 10 or 11 August 1932 by shooting herself in the chest with her father’s pistol.[12] Historians feel the attempt was not serious, but was a bid for Hitler’s attention.[13][14] After Braun’s recovery, Hitler became more committed to her and by the end of 1932 they had become lovers"

What I was wondering was how the heck did she shoot herself there and didn’t it leave a serious injury to her? I can’t imagine you shooting yourself in the chest and the result being a "light wound". That is quite a dreadful thing to even try. But it clearly got Hitler’s attention!

Anyway, the two of them ended up becoming lovers … so clearly everything ENDED ON A VERY HAPPY NOTE!!! 🙂

What I am curious about, mostly, are the missing letters between the two of them. And also what details are known about her first suicide attempt and why historians don’t believe it was a serious attempt at suicide. Even so, I can’t imagine it is something that can be done lightly. Truly. Pointing a firearm at oneself is not a joke.

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