IMPORTANT: Giuliani alleges there is enough UNLAWFUL ballots to turn election in Trump’s favor – My Comments


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[This type of information is of critical importance. CRITICAL. Did they cheat enough to cause a defeat of Trump? All the earlier info definitely suggested this. Now, suddenly, it is as if there is no further evidence. Yet, all indications were that Trump had a TRUMP-SLIDE of a victory. This was said 3 days ago. Critical stuff. Are they struggling to find things? Is EVIDENCE DISAPPEARING? It seems also as if there is something else going on. There is a lot of weirdness, even now, when I look at this.  Jan]

President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani told Fox News host Lou Dobbs Thursday that he and his team have uncovered enough unlawful ballots in Pennsylvania and Michigan to turn the election in Trump’s direction.

The former New York City Mayor told Dobbs that the Dominion Voting machines used in the election “can be hacked.” Giuliani went through the alleged history of the company and accused the company of having connections to Venezuela and storing votes in Spain.

Dobbs stated that the states have no ability to audit the ballots that are cast because of proprietary issues that inhibit a true assessment of the votes.

Giuliani alleges that are more than 300, 000 unlawful ballots in Pennsylvania, as well as a similar amount in Michigan. He said that the Trump campaign has multiple witnesses regarding irregularities that occurred on or before Election Day. However, he emphasized that it is the voting machines that caused the most discrepancies.

“This is a stolen election,” said Giuliani. “I know the elites don’t want to hear it but it’s a stolen election.”

You can view the video where Giuliani speaks, here:


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