Important feedback from The Daily Stormer regarding the Court Case with the Jewess

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About ten or so years ago, my best Jewish friend one day told me that a very important black man has converted to Judaism but he refused to tell me the black mans name. This topic came up more than once, and he repeated this. Each time I asked him for the black mans name but he refused to give it to me. In this video, we look very closely at the extremely, uncomfortably close relationship between the President of South Africa and the Chief Rabbi of South Africa, the top Jew, in charge of the Jews.

[One of the Daily Stormer folks who is responsible for sending out status reports was kind enough to post a comment on the article on my website to explain the situation with Andrew and the court case. I must say The Daily Stormer’s organisational skills impress me. Nice!

So the info is looking positive and I’m keen to get updates even though I’m a bit pushed for time to follow everything. But readers/viewers are welcome to post comments with status updates on DS. I’m very keen to follow this trial. This is critical. This is next level stuff that we whites must do. Jan]

Here is what The Daily Stormer posted on History Reviewed:

Andrew is subject to civil litigation– not criminal litigation. He doesn’t have to appear at the trial, as long as his attorney does. Frankly, it is best that he doesn’t. This case is going to be fought on the law. It’s not like the jury is going to like the guy. The law is in his favor. The jury will not be. Case will be decided on appeals.

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