IMPORTANT: DISQUS is now censoring other websites – not just mine – JEWS AT WORK!

[The conservative website whatfinger, is complaining about the censorship of their comments system, Disqus. I also had Disqus, and I noticed after a time that Disqus was behaving strangely. For several months it was fine, but then I noticed Disqus behaving differently. I suspected that this was due to JEWS AT WORK. Jews have also gone to wordpress and there are certain wordpress things that have been changed. It is something I need to revisit. But Whatfinger is complaining about DISQUS now censoring and that they want to dump DISQUS and find another comments system. I'm very delighted by their attitude. This is AWESOME. I think Whites are on their way to being "harder" and in a series of running battles we will drive the Jews back, but it will take a few years. So I was pleased to see that it was not just me being censored by Disqus. It's a genuine, massive thing. Jan]

This is a message posted on whatfinger by it’s Editor:

ATTENTION: IMPORTANT: After many complaints, it has come to our attention that Disqus is censoring many comments. We, as a policy do not. We therefore are actively looking for a substitute comment platform. If anyone has some ideas as to the best, please tell us. editor We hope to have a good platform up within a week… fingers crossed. You can still comment below but know that the Left is up to their tricks. They do not believe in freedom of speech and since we use their platform, they can do this…. Until we strop them… Sgt Pat, Whatfinger News

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