IMPORTANT: Catholic Preacher’s videos-of-lies about the Germans and the Jewish holocaust

[I received this. I’m not sure who Father James Altman is. In which country is he? I’ve been seeing some Roman Catholic priests popping up on the Internet, but I’m not sure who can be trusted and who can’t. However, anyone who is busy LYING ABOUT THE GERMANS, needs to be countered. That is absolutely unacceptable. As for him preaching the “religion of the Holocaust” … then it sounds as if he is working for the Jews or taking money from Jews. People need to be aware that he is engaging in Jewish lies. This is a lot like that Professor Jordan Peterson from Canada who does nothing but lie intensely about the Germans, and ESPECIALLY ABOUT HITLER. He has a raging hatred for the Germans. Personally I think Jordan Peterson might even be a Jew. I don’t know anything about Father Altman. But lying about the Germans is totally unacceptable. This is total garbage. We, the European Race are NOT a RACE OF LIARS. The Truth has value for us. The truth is CRITICAL for our existence and for progress. All that old Anne Frank nonsense needs to be countered. I suspect Jews are busy dividing our race by finding weak people and pedaling lies and fooling those who can be fooled. Jan]

This is what a reader wrote to me:

Hi Jan,

Here’s our letter to Fr. James Altman about his “videos-of-lies” of October 31 and November 1, from the same speech, which are fast gaining tens of thousands of viewers. Please feel free to –––– publish our letter at History Reviewed –––– because Fr. Altman has viewers and donors from all over Europe and throughout the world. When he was “cancelled” (removed from public priestly functions) by his bishop last August, donations poured in immediately and within a month he received more than 1 MILLION USD in donations – and still continue to receive them. He says that donations come mainly from USA and Europe. He was able to buy a house immediately that can also accommodate his 90-year old parents. But we noticed that in ALL his interviews and speeches he is preaching constantly ––against the Germans–– and promoting the Holocaust and Anne Frank. We have written him several times but this is our most thorough letter because he doubled down and spoke at length ––against the Germans–– in this most recent speech last October. As you can see, we cited several of your videos from History Reviewed. There is a large Catholic protest next week in Baltimore against the Catholic Bishops who are having their annual meeting and Fr. Altman will be one of the main speakers. We hope this letter will deter him from preaching ––against the Germans–– and promoting the “new religion of the Holocaust” and Anne Frank. Please publish our letter in History Reviewed (including this note to you if you wish) so that his supporters in Europe will see through his hidden agenda as a “controlled opposition.”

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