Illegal! Governor of Virginia Drops Voter Restrictions – My Comments


[I was wondering what this bag of shit was up to since that time of the gun gathering. The Jews must be hard at work. Jan]

It is almost safe to say the states within America who have Democratic governors are on the verge of becoming communist rather than remaining a free state within the US. If this continues, the states may not be so united when it comes to some of the stupid decisions Democratic governors make for their states. Virginia may be one of those states on the top of the list as his hand just signed a no regulations rule for voters.

Virginia’s Governor Ralph Northam made an announcement Sunday they will join a few other states that do not follow the federal government in having voter ID requirements. This is one of the dumb things this governor has done.

In a way to flaunt his dipstick decision, he decided to make Election Day a state holiday. A series of bills were signed into law as he pushed for more people, mostly illegal immigrants, to go out and vote.

Governor Northam stated, “Voting is a fundamental right, and these new laws strengthen our democracy by making it easier to cast a ballot, not harder. No matter who you are or where you live in Virginia, your voice deserves to be heard. I’m proud to sign these bills into law.”

If he is proud to open the doorway of letting illegal immigrants and those who have no right to vote, then he, as an elected official, just broke the law. And the sad part is, the people let him get away with it! What is becoming of our great nation when a governor can break the rules and override the law?

This is coming from a dumb Democrat who also is pushing to do away with the Second Amendment in his state as he passed bills against the citizen’s rights. He is against people owning guns and buying guns, and his new set of laws over the last few months prove this as a fact.

Northam, along with other Democrat governors, has worked their way to removing history as well. Everything to do with the Confederacy is being removed. Lee-Jackson Day was a state holiday, and Northam replaced the day with Election Day.

Democrats want everything erased to put in their agendas. The previous law for voters was to have voter IDs when showing up at the polls. He repealed the state law to replace it with one that no longer requires voters to show their IDs, and he expanded early voting access.

Even though states have their own rights, this is unfair to all Americans across the nation, where people who are not even citizens of the United States of American can determine who our president is. This should outrage everyone!

It is idiots like Northam who open up the way to the corrupt government in promoting such atrocities. When one goes to the extreme, it tells the next Democrat idiot in charge, “Hey, that’s a great idea! Let me do that too!”

The question now is, when does it stop? The Democratic legislature pushes these horrible laws because they know their time of having control is almost up.

Democrats in the state legislature applauded the governor, and this statement can be broken down into the truth. Here is what Democrat State Senator Louise Lucas said, “We need more access to the ballot box, not less. I am so proud to be a part of new laws that expand access to voting and make our Commonwealth more representative of the people we serve. Today is a historic day.”

Let’s break this down. We do not need more access; we need stricter rules. We need the proof those who vote are American citizens. If they vote in their districts, then they need evidence of that too! This also allows others to go and vote more than once in other districts. This is ILLEGAL!!

These Democratic state Senators are proud because they know their corruption has just prevailed over democracy. It is not a joyous day, but rather a sad one. How can people allow this to happen?

There is another word that comes into play from the state Senator. “Commonwealth.” Have people forgotten what this means? This is a part of communism. The meaning behind it is, what one has, they all have.

This is not just Virginia, this is all of America. The more we let this happen, the faster it spreads. It is already in its process of spreading because Liberals and idiots have allowed it to happen.


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