How Ernst Zundel saved me! – I was psychologically abused by anti-German programming…

[One of my readers made this interesting comment on my site. I am pleased to see how the Canadian German, Ernst Zundel positively impacted this woman's life. You see… if we try to follow the path of the truth, WE CHANGE THE LIVES OF OTHER WHITE PEOPLE! What more can you ask for than the change the LIFE of one of our people, FOR THE BETTER? As for the poor Germans, they are lied about all the time, thanks to the Jewish shit bags. Jan]

The lady wrote:
Yes, it’s quite sad! I was psychologically abused in public schools with anti-German programming! I had no self-esteem, and could not even identify with my German people, but when I learned of Ernst Zundel, and his wife, Ingrid, they brought light to my life! I will never forget them, nor will I ever forget my German people who fought against bolshevism, and terror not only in WWII, but WWI, also! People should be inspired by the Germans! Tell people to watch, "The Greatest Story Never Told" – that would be a great start, Raymond! Thanks for commenting!

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