Holohoax: Where do all the Jewish shoes in the holocaust museums really come from?

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On the social media I was pondering whether there were other sources for all the huge piles of shoes of the “dead Jews” from WW2.

I pondered whether some of those shoes might even come from Jews who were trading clothing and may have had ware houses with shoes in them.

So someone wrote this to me:
All the shoes and clothing were taken from them after exiting the trains because they were covered in bed bugs and other shit that would make them sick, the gas chambered was used to delouse everything, not people.

I wrote back:
I understand about why the Germans took their clothes off. But do you know there are vast numbers of Jewish holocaust museums in the world? There are over 60 in France alone, there are at least 3 in South Africa (most likely more). There are so many piles of shoes … how do we know they all even came from WW2? … ergo… so I’m wondering … how do we know the shoes in all these museums actually come from those camps? … hence have pondered whether they come from other sources. You are dealing with the boldest race of BS artists who have ever lived!!!!

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