Hitler’s real personality … Hitler’s Table Talk

I was reading the memoirs of one of Hitler’s longest serving secretaries: Christa Schroeder. I stumbled on something extremely interesting.

She tells the story behind the story of Hitler’s Table Talk.

Martin Bormann held the title of Personal Secretary to the Fuhrer. He was a higher rank than the women who were just "secretaries". According to Christa, it is Bormann who is behind what we now know as Hitler’s Table Talk.

She said that Hitler spoke to his secretaries and staff daily and they often had long chats. Then sometimes people would say to Hitler that they should have written down what he said. Hitler then told them NO, because then he’d have to be more careful about what he is saying!!! So Hitler FORBADE them from writing down the results of their chats.

However, Martin Bormann instituted this requirement to write down Hitler’s discussions WITHOUT HITLER’S KNOWLEDGE OR PERMISSION!!!

Bormann did it because as the Personal Secretary to the Fuhrer, and because of the importance of his work, he wanted to know what Hitler was thinking so that he could work in support of Hitler. He thus swore people to secrecy and had them write up notes about what Hitler said SO THAT HE COULD READ IT.

Thus, what we know of as Hitler’s Table Talk was really done for Martin Bormann!

But it survived the war and you can now read it. I have a copy of it and have gone through it.

What this means is that Hitler’s Mein Kampf and also his second book (which I have not read), are what you could call "Diplomatically written" for a wide audience. But the contents of Hitler’s Table talk are the RAW THOUGHTS OF HITLER AT THOSE TIMES.

So Hitler’s Table Talk is therefore the most definitive book about what Hitler really was like and what he thought.

I know that people have debated the differences between Hitler’s Mein Kampf, and Hitler’s Table Talk and here is the actual answer. I was quite surprised by this. But I’m delighted I know.

I also like this Christa Schroeder woman. She was a bit wild. She also was naughty and she even made Hitler very angry once. But she’s very direct. And I am very impressed with the things she explains. And she does not seem to get much publicity. But she was with Hitler for over a decade.

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